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YOUR Destiny - A Star Wars Podcast
This is the official account of the STAR WARS Destiny podcast: YOUR Destiny. The podcast deals with everything related to Star Wars: Destiny the collectible cardgame, and is recorded by Star Wars enthusiasts. The podcast is hosted by avid gamer and tournament organizer: Claus Staal, WORLDS 2018 runner-up: Mads Utzon and produced by: Adriana Tovar Velez. We publish articles and deckbuilding tips, and feature awesome competitions, on our Facebook page, which you can find here https://www.facebook.com/yourstarwarsdestiny/ Go and visit our website for articles on game theory, deck list analysis and other interesting stuff. There's an extensive Gauntlet there as well! www.yourdestiny.dk You can also find videos featuring some of the best Star Wars Destiny players from Europe on our YouTube Channel. Videos are edited by: Angelo Gonzalez. Find the YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiLM6dXa6KU5v_STGnH1c5A?view_as=subscriber DO CONSIDER supporting us on Patreon to allow us to create even more high quality content: https://www.patreon.com/YourDestinyPodcast

YOUR Destiny - A Star Wars Podcast
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