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A couple of things I can promise you is that in this space I won’t avoid hard topics. Area’s that God has refined me by fire.  The areas I attribute to my success.  It wasn’t easy but it was worth it because I’m worth it and it's my heart’s longing for you to know YOU are worth it.  We WILL talk about the things you probably need more awareness in or need more of but may feel guilty or scared talking about like money, scarcity and abundance mindset, fear, self-care, God, therapy, marriage, and sex.  

Everything in our lives are connected and if we are really stuck or struggling in one area it can steal our peace and the other areas won’t be able to truly thrive. I literally get a THRILL when someone has a breakthrough in these areas. When someone realizes they are worth it, worth fighting for, worth loving themselves, worth chasing their dreams, worth being and having more. Shame needs secrecy to survive so we are going to talk about it…we’re all friends here and friends have nothing to hide except the mask and actually don’t hide the mask go it THROW IT AWAY!  There is no place for it in this space and its next to impossible to change when you’re not being honest. 

Give yourself some compassion. God is in the business of setting the captive free and since he did that for me, I’m honored to partner with Him in doing that for you. You’re not here by accident. You’re not here to stay the same.  The pressure is off. You are welcome here.

You may not know you’re worth it yet…but you will.  

You're Worth It!
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