Episode: Out of Control

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Out of Control

What do you do when life throws you things out of your control?

I’ve had multiple freak out moments over the last two weeks and it has pushed me to think about how I deal with issues that are beyond my control.

I’ve missed a flight, left my laptop on a plane (with all of my podcast notes on it…) the day before I was supposed to start recording, and then I recorded three episodes with my mic not functioning correctly… Whoa. It’s been a big exercise in how I deal with big issues. I felt frustrated, mad, overwhelmed, and just plain dumb. 

But it’s already happened… how can I move forward? How can I get past the big frustrating moment? I’ll be honest. I cried. And you know what?! I felt better after I let it all out. 

I have 0 control of what has already happened. But I do have my control of my thoughts and actions moving forward. I allowed myself to process those upset emotions and that helped me move on. 

How much head and heart space are you giving to things in the past, regrets, and things you can’t control? We all make mistakes. But powerful people don’t stop when things get hard. You pivot, process the emotions and move on. 

You can’t quit on your purpose because things get difficult or go wrong. The only thing we can control is ourselves. So let go of the past and things that don’t serve your goals. You’ve got this and I’m so excited for us to start #walkinginworth.

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