Episode: If You Over Commit, Don't Quit.

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If You Over Commit, Don't Quit.

Thank you for tuning in to episode 5 of the You’re Worth It! Podcast!

Well, launch day was HUGE! And I could not be any more grateful for your support. You guys showed up big time and shared on social media, asked your friends and family and did a great job rating, reviewing and subscribing! Without your help, we could not have charted in business, education and health and fitness! 

This week we’re going to talk about over-committing. Overcommitting in your life and just plain over-scheduling yourself. We’re all victims to it at one point or another. I’ve spent so much time away this year. Doing huge life-changing activities! I’ve had opportunities that I just couldn’t pass up. I’ve grown my business,  gone to conferences, visited Hawaii and poured into members of my company and team. But now I’m battling illness for several weeks, when I typically don’t get sick. I’ve overwhelmed myself and my schedule. 

But I’m grateful for this breaking point! This is a lesson to learn and I can learn for next year. I can say yes to less in the future. And take time away from social media to get recalibrated, and refocus on what’s most important for our life. 

I’m working on being more intentional and this is something we can work on together. I’m developing some fun, new things for 2020 and I can’t wait to share!

There are three things I recommend doing to reset your intentions and take control over your schedule. 


-Get up early and create routines. 

Every book on successful people recommends getting up early. This was a tough one for me because I’ve always been one to want to sleep in. But getting up early, taking time in God’s word, focusing on what I need to accomplish for the day is very important and can be life-changing.

-Anything you want to focus on will thrive more. 

If your marriage has been rough lately, take your time and attention away from things that aren’t serving you and put them on your marriage. 

-Do a debrief every day.

Just write down your thoughts for the day. What went well? What could I change for next time?

You are not a victim of your schedule. You’re in control and you’re in the driver’s seat!

I hope this helps you gain some clarity on how to be in charge of your schedule!

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