Episode: How to Find Clarity

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How to Find Clarity

I like to call myself a recovering perfectionist. I used to spend a lot of time and energy on making decisions. So how do you find that clarity we all strive for?

Imagine yourself at a brand new restaurant. You’ve never seen the menu and they have pages of choices. Overwhelming, right? So you ask your spouse what they’re getting, your mom, your sister… But is that truly going to bring you clarity about what YOU want? No! Ordering will bring you clarity. Worst case scenario you don’t love what you ordered… Guess what?! You can order something different the next time. You just have to make a choice and go for it.

Clarity is on the other side of execution. Do what you have been avoiding, just pick something!

Take a deep breath and remember that done is better than perfect. If you decide to change your choice, just pivot!

My sweet husband planned a date for us to go to Barnes and Noble. He wanted me to pick out a book for me, a book for him and a book for the kids. I was overwhelmed by the stack of 20 books I have on my to-read list at home and just plain stressed and making that decision was too much in the moment. And I absolutely looking back just wish I would have grabbed one and continued on with our date. Just make that choice!

Leaders are not avoiders! We have to take control of our decisions. I don’t know what that looks like for you. Maybe you need to have that hard conversation, ask for a promotion, do that live video or start your dream business. 

Let’s start #walkinginworth, don’t avoid the scary thing, just do it!

I’m SO glad you’re joining me on this journey of finding your self-worth. Your support means everything to me! Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast to help us grow this message and serve more people!

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