Episode: Job Incentives In The Sunshine Economy

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Job Incentives In The Sunshine Economy
Over the past year, Florida has been second only to California in the number of new jobs created with just over a quarter of a million new jobs. But California’s labor market is twice the size of Florida’s. The rate of growth of Florida's job market also ranked second in the nation at 3.1 percent. (Oregon was No. 1.) Millions of state taxpayer dollars have been spent in the effort to attract and grow jobs in Florida. But most of those dollars have stopped and a legislative effort is underway to do away with them altogether. It is a political fight between two top Republicans over economic development policy and the role of government. The state agency responsible for doling out money and marketing, Enterprise Florida, is under pressure and fighting for survival. Gov. Rick Scott has built his short political career on a single issue: jobs. He wants to continue using state dollars to entice companies to add workers in Florida. But the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives,

The Sunshine Economy | WLRN
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