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Alison Armstrong

Ahhh, romance. You meet him, you hit it off and the excitement is exhilarating. You bask in the intoxication of pheromones and the flutter of butterflies in your belly when you see him, when you say his name. You pretzel yourself into pretty positions and make yourself a magnet for his attention.

He's so generous, he always calls, is kind and attentive, and you are the object of his attention.

Until, he does something you think is "stupid," or "mean." Then you start wondering if it's because of the size of your thighs, or maybe something you said.

Insecurity moves in, he stops calling, fireworks fizzle and you're right back where you started--pointing your finger at another hairy, testosterone-bearing beast that just didn't cut the mustard.

And the truth is, as long as you keep pointing your fingers at him, chances are the vicious cycle will continue. There's more to understand about these handsome, hairy creatures. There's more you need to know about how your behaviour influences him and what you can do to not just get his attention, but his affection, love and commitment.

Here to share a few lessons about how to make sense of men for a lifetime of love, is Alison Armstrong.

WISH Radio: Straight Talk for Women’s Health
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