Episode: WRNL We Still Booze #5: Come to Ames, it ain't Texas!

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WRNL We Still Booze #5: Come to Ames, it ain't Texas!
Matt (CYHusker) stops by to discuss the running list of candidates he's tracking on WRNL to replace Paul Rhoads as the next head football coach at Iowa State. Some members of the WRNL crew call in to give there takes and we also take some fan phone calls to get some fan perspective from members of Cyclone Nation. Al continues to rip on western Iowa, Sean lobbies for the quadruple option, Dan has some scalding hot takes on the Brady Hoke rumors, Matt comes up with a real trophy for the "Heroes Game", and the crew offers an explanation as to why Nick Saban is a better fit at Iowa State than Texas. As I'm sure you could predict, this whole conversation devolves into a fast food discussion by the end of it. Be sure to check out the link below for updates as the coaching search rolls on: http://www.widerightnattylite.com/iowa-state-football/2015/11/22/9779056/early-potential-candidates-for-the-iowa-state-football-head-coaching-position

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