Episode: We Still Booze 2.1: Matt Campbell's First Hate Week

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We Still Booze 2.1: Matt Campbell's First Hate Week
Welcome to season 2 of the WRNL We Still Booze Podcast. In this episode, host RevDizz is joined by an old face (CyHusker) and two new faces in 52Trap and Matthias Schwartzkopf. Join us as we recap the UNI debacle, analyze what the Cyclones could do better in the upcoming CyHawk game, and some general analysis from Matt Campbell's first game as head coach. We end the podcast with an interview from GospelofMax, one of the new co-managing editors of Black Heart Gold Pants. We talk all things Iowa, and what the Cyclones can expect to see in their upcoming matchup. Stay tuned throughout the season as we aim to talk to more opponents' blogs and provide further in depth X's and O's analysis in addition to the drunken shenanigans that we've built our brand on. See you next week!  Intro/Outro music: "Bruce Wayne" - BenJamin Banger

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