Episode: We Still Booze #10: Sweet 16 and Still Dancing

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We Still Booze #10: Sweet 16 and Still Dancing
So it's been a while since the guys got together and did a regular podcast. This time it's just RevDizz and CyHusker to soothe your ears with some smooth conversation about the ISU season thus far. We skip the traditional in-depth analysis that we're so well known for and decide to leave that to those smarter than us. Instead RevDizz challenges CyHusker with a series of questions that relate to the Cyclones 2015-16 season, and yes, even touch a little on the Virginia game. Where else can you go for hard hitting answers to questions like "Are you pro or anti One Shining Moment?" and "What's a good sitcom comparison for the pace and style of the Virginia-Iowa State matchup?". All of this and more on this edition of the Wide Right Natty Light We Still Booze Podcast. I don't care that you're probably listening to this during working hours, and I'm almost 20% sure your boss doesn't care either. So grab a daytime beverage, kick back and relax because the Sweet 16 is here and Iowa State is still dancing!

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