Episode: Biggest Lessons From 2019: A Reflection

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Biggest Lessons From 2019: A Reflection
And we are back with a bang! For our first episode of 2020 Amelia is joined by the podcast’s own producer Isabella (also one of her best friends) to take a look at the year that has passed. Isabella asks Amelia some of her and the audiences pressing personal questions regarding what she has been through this year and the good and the bad moments that occurred. Amelia reflects on the stages, themes and expert knowledge the podcast has so far discussed to give an insight on how it’s all working for her and how she sees herself evolving. Please rate, review & subscribe to What I Know Now. Shop the Heartbreak Manual 20% off now! https://amelialiana.com/heartbreakmanual/ Follow Amelia on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/amelialiana/ #WhatIKnowNowPodcast

What I Know Now with Amelia Liana
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