Episode: War Room - 2018-Jan-18, Thursday - Newsweek Headquarters Raided By NYPD

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War Room - 2018-Jan-18, Thursday - Newsweek Headquarters Raided By NYPD
The deep state is in panic as investigators are set to release key information on the investigation into Hillary Clinton and other investigations into Fusion GPS and the Obama Department of Justice. We break down how we go to this point, as well as what to expect in the future. We also cover the importance of the 2018 midterm elections and your personal health.

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In a shocking progression of events, the liberal media and hollywood are now tripling down on their choice to support the oppressive North Korean communist regime over America, in an event that could have never been predicted...or could it have? As mainstream media and liberals ally with North Korea, Democrats are still beating the dead horse known as Russian Collusion, only to ignore the very facts that tie any collusion to the Clinton Campaign, not Trump.

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