Episode: VR Gamers Are Clamoring For An MMO – So Where Is It?

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VR Gamers Are Clamoring For An MMO – So Where Is It?
VR Gamers Are Clamoring For An MMO – So Where Is It?

For many, the dream of virtual reality is directly tied to the dream of The Matrix or Ready Player One. As dystopian as those properties may be, the idea of plugging one’s mind directly into a virtual world where the normal rules of nature don’t apply is an enduring ambition that many enthusiasts cherish.

Today, VR headsets actually exist, but these Matrix-like experiences are still the stuff of science fiction. However, there is a stop-gap answer to this desire that actually could exist today: massively multiplayer online games.

VR MMOs could scratch the itch for those who want to “jack in” to a virtual world and experience an immersive digital persona. The only problem is they don’t seem to exist.

Where are the VR MMOs? Are they possible? Will they ever exist? And, if so, what will they actually look like?

These are all questions we tackle on this week’s installment of the UploadVR GameCast.

Upload VR GameCast – Ep. 8: VR MMOs


Joe Durbin – UploadVR Staff Writer and GameCast Host,

David Jagneaux – UploadVR Games Editor

Steven Messner – Freelance Video Game Journalist (PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, etc.)

In this episode, Joe and David are joined by Steven Messner – a freelance games journalist who has written for a myriad of top-tier publications.

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Some highlights include:

-Steven’s amazing “NPR quality” radio voice.

-The return of the Virtual Boy?

-David and Steven’s attempts to prove who is the bigger MMO fanboy (spoiler alert: it’s a tie).

We’re eight episodes in and we’ve managed to cobble together a small, but loyal, fanbase. That’s right, we know you’re out there and we want to hear from you!

This week we wanted to pose a question to our community and next week we will read the best responses out on the air! The question is: what has been your favorite/most anticpiated VR video game so far?

Tweet your responses to @Joe_Durbin or @David_Jagneaux or email them to joe@uploadvr.com. Also, don’t forget we are on iTunes now! You can rate and subscribe by using the link above. 

See you back here next Tuesday for episode 9!

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