Episode: UploadVR GameCast – Ep. 4: What Makes A ‘Good’ VR Video Game?

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UploadVR GameCast – Ep. 4: What Makes A ‘Good’ VR Video Game?
UploadVR GameCast – Ep. 4: What Makes A ‘Good’ VR Video Game?

Hey there!

Are you a fan of wildly specific anime references? How about massively multiplayer online video games from over 15 years ago? Or maybe you just love hearing a grown man call his own dog terrible names. If any, or all, of the preceding statements describes you then congratulations!

This may just be the podcast of your dreams.


Upload VR GameCast – Ep. 4: What Makes A ‘Good’ VR Video Game


Joe Durbin – UploadVR Staff Writer and GameCast Host,

David Jagneaux – UploadVR Games Editor

Jason “Evangelion” EvangelhoForbes Video Game Writer and Presence Host

In this episode, Joe and David are joined by Jason Evangelho – the host of their sister podcast Presence. These three “bad boys” of VR get down to the brass tacks of the industry and discuss platform exclusives, the newly released Vive titles, and what exactly makes a VR video game “good.”

Some highlights include:

-Jason declaring himself the “Pope” of VR and attempting to convince the world that Phantasy Star Online is the greatest game of all time.

-Joe comparing virtual reality experiences to Chipotle burritos.

-David explaining his wedding plans and what he will do once Jason steals his job during the honeymoon

A sincere thank you once again has to be given to all of you that are listening. We honestly could not do this without you and your continued loyalty is truly what motivates us to keep making – and hopefully improving – these shows.

On that note, the RSS feed is taking a small vacation this week. Now that Jason is on board he is unleashing the full might of his podcasting powers to finally help me get this show onto iTunes, Stitcher and other podcasting aggregators. The feed needs to come down while he performs surgery on it but when it rises it will be greater and more terrible than ever before (I will send a prize to anyone who can tell me what that quote is from in the comments).

Lastly, don’t forget we’re putting these up every Tuesday now. Remember to check back in right here at the same time next week for Episode 5



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