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Under Oath Show Update from Rich Lomurro

Under Oath with Rich Lomurro
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Under Oath with Rich Lomurro > “Making a Murderer” with Dean Strang (Part 2): Dean talks about the Brendan Dassey confession, criminal justice reform and much more

Dean Strang, rose to fame with the incredible Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” where he served as one-half of the Steven Avery defense team during his murder trial.  The now famous story followed Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he did not commit, was released and exonerated, only to be charged by the same prosecutor’s office and returned to jail for the murder of Teresa Halbach...

Under Oath with Rich Lomurro > West Memphis 3: Jason Baldwin, the youngest of the West Memphis 3, was 16 when he was convicted of murders he maintains he didn’t commit. He was the last to accept the Alford Plea to get out of jail after 18 years. This is his story.

In this episode, Jason Baldwin tells us about being  accused of murder, going through the trial and conviction,  and being in jail for 18 years for something he says he had nothing to do with.  His story is one of tremendous suffering, yet he does not hold a grudge against his accusers, even to this day...

Under Oath with Rich Lomurro > Famed Trial Lawyer Tom Mesereau part 1: Defending Michael Jackson in his child molestation and conspiracy trial. Tom takes us inside the case and tells some unbelievable stories about this famous trial.

Imagine being told the most famous man on the planet, Michael Jackson, wants you to be his lawyer.  You are then flown to Florida, met by people you don’t know, taken to a remote island, sat in a room and questioned by strangers.  In the back of the room their is a familiar face.  Michael Jackson...
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