Episode: “Making a Murderer” with Dean Strang (Part 2): Dean talks about the Brendan Dassey confession, criminal justice reform and much more

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“Making a Murderer” with Dean Strang (Part 2): Dean talks about the Brendan Dassey confession, criminal justice reform and much more

Dean Strang, rose to fame with the incredible Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” where he served as one-half of the Steven Avery defense team during his murder trial.  The now famous story followed Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he did not commit, was released and exonerated, only to be charged by the same prosecutor’s office and returned to jail for the murder of Teresa Halbach.  Debate over Avery’s innocence or guilt has become a national phenomenon.  Strang was an instrumental part of success of the series and became a cherished figured by the American public for his integrity, empathy and desire for justice.

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