Episode: Ep. 009 - Chopin + Liszt = Frenemies

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Ep. 009 - Chopin + Liszt = Frenemies

Included in this episode:
The Wilting Flower and the Rock Star. No, that isn’t the title of a Young Adult novel, it’s the famous frenemy duo of Chopin and Liszt. Join us as we compare and contrast this dynamic duo, in celebration of their first performance together on April 3rd, 1832.

Also included in this episode:
After listening, you will know exactly how Jon feels about Luke Skywalker’s character in Star Wars, Episode IV.
Also, sorry Hugh Grant.


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Frédéric Chopin - A very tainted genius

Liszt on Chopin, Chopin on Liszt

Hark! A Vagrant: Chopin and Liszt

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