Episode: What To Do With Pain & Loss w. Skate4Cancer founder Rob Dyer

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What To Do With Pain & Loss w. Skate4Cancer founder Rob Dyer
One of the perks of being on tour with CAST Centers is the opportunity to interact with influencers who have transformed their pain into something beautiful and helpful for those still suffering from trauma. In this episode, I sit down with skateboarder and Canadian stud Rob Dyer.  After experiencing the tragic loss of close family members and a dear friend back to back, Rob was determined to not be destroyed or defined by his heartbreak, but rather empowered. This episode is for you if you or someone you love: - Has been through a traumatic experience or season of life - Is in need of hope for a better future - Need inspiration to transform your pain into something beautiful Overall, my brief time with Rob was an uplifting yet realistic interaction with the heavier realities of life but I know this short interview will leave you encouraged & enlightened!

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