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Creative Adventures
Ever get writers block? Ever wonder how to get that idea out of you? My goal with this episode is to help you get UNSTUCK creatively. We live in a creativity economy. Robots and drones are making 'tasks' done by humans a thing of the past. Your imagination, your creativity and your passion are the future. No drone can create like you can. So how do we continue to protect & fuel our creativity in this world? How do we stay inspired? In this episode, we journey through key ideas and practices to spark your creativity. It all starts with your brain! Creativity is an activity of the human brain. We are just now beginning understand its cause & effect of neurocreativity. A few of my favorite neuroscientists currently making waves in this field of study are: Mark Beeman, Adam Bristole and Andrias Fink. The major beats of this episode are: 1. Deconstruct the right brain or the left brain myth. 2. Understand the three key areas of the brain involved in creativity. (This is not just an FYI, understanding the networks REALLY matters when fostering and strengthening creativity) 3. Getting some advice from the most creative person I know. If you're looking for more practical steps to take today, I cover four key steps of jump starting, strengthening and protecting your creative process: 1. Raw Materials - the enemy of creativity is a finished product. Find ingredients people used to make their finished product, rather than the completed vision itself. 2. Slow Down the Process - always be collecting information and ideas, then take your time connecting all the pieces. Hurry is the enemy of creativity. 3. Do Something Random - do anything to get you out of your comfort zone. Travel abroad, be spontaneous and shock your system into new ideas. 4. Stop the Dream Killer - the executive attention center may be the cause of this and while it is vital, it needs to come later on down the road in order to allow the brainstorming phase to run free. I hope this episode gives you the inspiration, insights or information to dive into your own creative adventure. Here's to all your adventures! Hank

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