Episode: #47 - JebBushforPresident.com

#47 - JebBushforPresident.com

CJ Philips and Charlie Rainwater bought JebBushforPresident.com back in 2008 -- but not because they're huge Bush fans or want to sell the address at a markup. With the 2016 election approaching, the pair have launched the site as a place for discussion, with a focus the URL might not suggest. This week, CJ and Charlie tell TLDR about what inspired their initial purchase, their plans for JebBushforPresident.com, and what a CJ and Charlie presidency would look like.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
hath out of the path although the camp of them they're up a up at of pound that that to food hope in two thousand four thirty four year old del ponte and may splash at presidential campaign as you may remember or maybe not the democratic challengers that year were john kerry in his writing me john edwards although he is a political not ask that bail bonds and it's a deposition so desirable that he stands on multiple sources attempting to throw money and china attach themselves to his name that man was named carrie edwards and enviable property with the demand his personal epstein carrie edwards dot com edwards was offered as much as a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for his web address that he wasn't the only non clinic alan possession of a valuable political demi on mr edwards came many address the pure coincidence the proprietors of sites like carrie edwards of four dot com and collect carrie edwards dot com knew exactly what they were detained monday register their demands welcome to the long established practice at soccer squad and what do you know on what did you learn the main acquired jeremy's and clicking political dummy insist pretend as if you gamble strictly sixteenth young's clan apartheid a dot com and bush crews dot com among many others hundred eighty total the middle of a nightline and and and it all added up at all i got out out and wicker gum into it as i am one of the war and commander by what aunt or my pinpoint bogart calm and that i could turn into a heretic and invited him that jenny poses that bullock who is helping to make rick santorum appetite and you don't know not going out behind what did her neil when you recall and oram said could override a good thing that on that and there people knew and dormant that you remember the words as loud as the greatest and rears its head savages and slats in our first both the former u. s. senator from pennsylvania and stuff from the aftermath of the house ethics what kind of them recipes for them on a lot of drug me up a bomb in the problem will bear with every overdoing it that i would lie and they get the fuck you up to deck we like to wish you imagine about and and arm look like anyways white house let me be in the till they'll attack will await products that have occurred to som wound up the centaur lot which is still act and so the grass with landing on a rampage at that speed and twenty tops and while jeremy admits that his main goal is to sell off the demeans he did get a little attached to santorum hate and twenty tall dot com sometimes the joke is just too good to let go of the bridge twenty sixteen crap jenny wants to sell all is said to one day dawned on sooner rather than later so far no one is i think that what is that of a admitted kind omitted domain there to which cut annoying what i read out really like at about the governor ring where you'd think about you at the white aunt or granddad absolutely no idea so on so get set up you'd introduce yourselves and you're a war why would he did go out and about why you allow like long walk on the beach and since her ears ever squatters to spend an outlet any moment costly thanks are just incredibly during an self described software engineers don dad's an extremely proud bears and that term is unfamiliar idiot siege is happy to explain their murder of a culture of rerouted committee right and the root of the bear bang him many years ago before i think a lot of it were you in that waited there were the need for it that a lot better look like left over dude we're not then we're not about or not the stereotype but as it three uses the law the new taxes to you mr exits in two thousand three the texas legislature voted that language to the family cap at any gay marriage and civil unions to section six to oh four same sex marriages league on the more than happy for relationships function like a marriage a couple of legal documents will's power of attorney etc could be called the question at maryland where drug would bear to it allowed anybody that i mean everybody in the neighborhood curry yet met her when i'm out of there happened to me the neighbor to go to the court indicated in her early work related to that mimic the marriage and all our daughter went about the window and all a part eight would be on the body the fact that is easy to legislate it out in two thousand tattooed on same sex marriage and this using slightly different working these rulings from overseas antilles hats that even people close to them didn't seem to understand how perfect our me affected they would be bad it changes the law or a word of a problem one hundred got it open up and we were not talk about it like i wish we could help people by which we did make people realize that legislation were a real life koppel what's it all back to the audience living in america as a gay couple did where perhaps is she doesn't eat even though cousin obama had just been elected speculation actually running twenty twelve hegarty started an hour and when we got the idea at gortari dar could we're a reporter and important and about charlie would like or wandered about wrote about all the available to delay may when the word were herded taking the job hop on an a the the building church registry i'm a widow with a little of the dollar's been it's sleazy you bought dollars they got but her year or year yeah seizes hurley head kuwait's that the conversation the one and so they quickly back to maine star handful of politicians some local some national blake kay bailey hutchison and john had spent over the next couple of years they let mostly thanks bob i awaited the tail is hung on to jab ashford has a dot com for well the same rate hardly darman just away paid to the contact him out but with the twenty sixteen election men and jeb bush's name came up again meditative tonight for for aaron governor general issue as resigned yet from some of his business positions a clear sign he tried to present the possibility of a second bush clinton showdown has the political world spinning the truth is there's a lot of excitement around jeb bush the attacking had been extended by a possible jeb bush ryan siege and hurley breathe and there's a big invisible and pretty bitter and magnified image of a purple flower and an invitation to have a chat c. james hurley had an active members of the community that they've never been activists worry about what part borrowed and we get one hundred and auditioned that we reported but that our ruin our word for him to political activism claw and a great leader and not to have his dionne now had access to that one time and sections all i'm scared siege and tell your engineers and they wanna purses problem the way they know how we're girl about what hot rod and we both were ugly that any problem can read all the good work and on and on and president and it's watched as to that the then i really focused on pasha they want to be a place to postures discussion and her stern has to be key issues and later and other national concerns your approach to art and art worry about an adult would typically idea never got murdered him and i'm bored i'm i think what a bill without little bit bum try later platform or we can help people that got blurted it out in america the lot and we need to talk about what is mac is not now he's now is that there's still articles and huntingdon close to the attica deaths and manicure inside to reach a mass at the janitor and what do you guys have been such a good sports on about this your tuition some genuine openness about what you doing here in your feelings and winded and everything i have turned this into a story that i think i need to keep going as long as they can act as long as they can find was once i've ever neon which as despite the high above the ramadan the no-one sprang away from them just yeah we'd what adam to ponder are one hundred and one route would like why did you get a gun on the website and in another contract and our wanted to buy a public the credit for your brother will play an and nothing ever came of that low that'll be out of one hundred george bush turner biker jumps the epithet and that sets up for that that reward of the status hasn't formally declared these enterprises that he has announced he's exploring the possibility a couple of weeks ago he publicity book about his record any event has it all the enough she received as governor florida from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand seven when he is ready around see jan charlie her packard we're a very rude we will what about the fact but at some point the bush campaign really may want a bite off handed off what could go out and bought we could lose it and if we do we have a better start and end all it'll grow to about on all things get your thoughts as the leto president says that the lady are well on the one hundred figure be the first lady and see that perspire that we are where the blood got eye and creamy about gambling it's d. c. said human hair everywhere as the bust and he does come calling see dance really have one request we'd like to talk to a target not that we were not to go on record what are the amount a good would it would uh we'd like to know him and yet we like the ballot in cornwall and quiet and and then we're each coming problem in the u. n. maybe you would understand that low but we don't expect him to agree with that woman in your word on agree with him on every time that is a debate with a political wisdom in america or cities some rape has a conversation deals with the conversation or round the conversation till sprouted c. she had her least ten in stark contrast to these feelings of anxiety and accommodation and they're so welcome and they're genuine desire for conversation their willingness to invite people and their world and talk is incredibly disarming on the front page of jeb bush for present dot com the rate we're all in this together top man damn you know they really do believe that the sky should have to explain what bears are or have tube really do to be in love with each other let alone why they deserved at the scene basic rights as other couples that they want to their ready for the discussion and they created just the place to have that and maybe it's a testament to their hospitality at the speed that they've gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive way that malott you at the border and and and to prepare it line by child a candid about a perky bow to your to your job like everybody all right thank the body of the well we've got what i regret very much to drink you know you know they've endured and really laid out the lamp at all in it and it is slow and all ain't he moved past our job emotional and duty welcome and no country needed says that a half and half of that but but this serb thank you c. r. test that means they're attacking these anything to the accident these various characters are engineer is jennifer and read as honor wreckage thank you like to show that abstinence for work every day of protests and even serbia the rally held for more on the media dot org slash p. l. c. r. the guy to me that many many words and t. l. c. of the safety of the out of what it though and clothes but police have upped