Episode: July 16-31 2017: Fiery Leo New Moon! (#450)

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July 16-31 2017: Fiery Leo New Moon! (#450)
Fiery Leo New Moon * 11 aspect patterns! * Part 1 Listener Chart * Free Eclipse Chart Check * More!

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A New Moon in Leo, along with a Sun-Mars conjunction squaring Uranus, kindle plenty of fire in the second half of July. Throw in 11 aspect patternsT squares, Grand Trines, Kites and more – and we have a very intense and busy half-month!

Our Part 1 Listener Chart features Michele. The Leo New Moon lands smack on her Venus, Mars and Midheaven. This fiery lunation makes hard aspects to all four of her angles! I advise her on the best use of this New Moon, and explain how the "Law of Three" applies so strongly in this interpretation.

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  • Overview: 1:32
  • 7/16: 1:59
  • 7/17: 2:40
  • 7/18: 3:54
  • 7/19: 6:28
  • 7/20: 6:47
  • 7/21: 7:36
  • 7/22: 7:56
  • 7/23: 8:19
  • 7/24: 11:31
  • 7/25: 12:37
  • 7/26: 13:06
  • 7/27: 13:27
  • 7/28: 14:48
  • 7/29: 18:21
  • 7/30: 19:18
  • 7/31:19:55
                                          • Next Show's Highlights: 20:49
                                          • Announcements: 22:50
                                          • Part 1 Listener Chart: Michele (June 4 1959, 4:30 pm, Manitowoc, WI): 25:49
                                          • Index: 39:02
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