Episode: #578: I Thought I Knew You

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#578: I Thought I Knew You
This week, stories of people who are feeling the ground shift underneath them when people they are close to change. Including conservative radio host Tony Beam in South Carolina who is completely baffled by the candidate his audience has decided to get behind this election season.

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support for this american life comes from square space can be on one platform that makes it easy to korea website and portfolio or online store with modern tablets and simple dragon rattles you can create a professional website didn't it's for free trial visits were space dot com slash american the new estate shoppers it's important that is to take into account when you choosing a neighborhood price the one you can you bring schools safety this must have put a nearby that question was a factor for adam whistling in this one neighborhood in new york the fact the most desolate julie live getting tickets on the america by do might have been together i did warn into most death at the overpriced bodega on the corner and did the creepy thing of like seeing him through the window waiting for him outside anacostia executive outside the buick yo man that you album was really significant to me and he looked terrified you know it could add the dowdell it like this for twelve dollars mangoes and what of the upped and beth is a brooklyn neighborhood glove with green thumbs leave two thousand david was in the early stages of gentrified fadiman to sell them with a bunch of real estate brokers and fort greene was very real estate broker in tent cities like new it's not a big neighborhood or possibly more brokers then there were blocks so i left my phone number and with hunter these brokers you know and and how was walking a fulton street probably an hour after dropping all these poll numbers off the write a call for one of these brokers inches of british lady and she started describing to me an apartment in it and high ceilings and wood floors and lots of natural light it sounded great the only problem was the apartment was not in fort greene it was in bed sty bedford stuyvesant it's the for the manhattan more crime let's get jeff i but does that and says that he visited both neighborhoods for green in bed sty impaired with the fake businesses were like the marijuana dealers work out of like how plausible or this business it's you know so wicked econ a thing we walk into the walk into a bodega and it's like one can of grape soda and a box of baking powder and i should leave them to buy time six inches of it the whole up reinforced miller proof glass they are then you neighborhood is good for from judge of the pick up where is for green at that point had businesses which i went to come because i wanted actually particle they're they're illegal goods and services and even know that they were ready to accept the idea was this hatch hat shop actually bought at negativity look to me like you know that's not really at shopper and i you know that up and what's up with a level that we're the good for america is a transitional yes transitional i was transitional the beds but some people read it that night in the bits that it does it look real estate broker who did not wanna live in tents that and so i've said the department sounds cool clung onto the past midsize on little bit and doc school for meat so he'll call me to get a fort greene was cooked and very quickly and professionally sheets which he used it and started trying to convince me that i should check epithets that part so she said look i'm which overheard us about its die but it's really very nice it's very safe it's changing very fast lodwick people are moving it and i started in my tracks ah offended i'm surprised that after about ten seconds on the phone with me this woman who wanted to have this kind of conspiratorial nudge nudge wink wink conversation as a way of letting me know that bed sty was safe for people like me i was mostly offended by it so i figured that i should it and that lot of conversation as forcefully as possible and then counted you know shocker back so i said i will like white people that much an amount try live round too many of them and it was like the silence on the phone and then she said something along the lines of you you don't you like white people felt like an all we know i don't hate them or anything but they walk around the gate on the planet they're really entitled they don't make particularly good neighbor so no not really try little round too many of them and it was more silence on the phone and then very slowly and deliberately she said sir i'm very sorry i didn't mean to offend you to tell from your voice that you're obviously african american hey got high cairo guzzling nine and i you got it wrong i'm palm white and then as add something like that your sense and she says all that that i'm not offended by good on a black and blue which because of her british accent and hadn't occurred to the stupid and kids if that's not you know the next thing i remember about the conversation is basically that the two of us both start laughing calm because in the space of about a minute we had both made so many assumptions and cycled through so many identities the absurdity of it just i think he does both at once you'd do our ideas that that he was black would assemble at two in this report as the bad guys and it's just everyone gets away he spread his blood out from the fact that stock in adam and as with the real estate broker and marine at some carrots and your members isn't it the same way he does with wine that exception she says she would not have said i'm sorry i did not mean to offend you are you african-american no i didn't say that i just directly off the u. blocked july salad with sarah you sire and sack now i'm not that michael mary ellen why people the black she's no wonder real-estate these days she's a life coach but she says the thing that said adam off the race baiting wink wink don't worry about white people are moving there was not something she said why crimes or anybody else shelley said to him because i assumed that you'd like me with get to move into a black neighborhood with black people is why aesthetic him right like what is this guy if it you're a black guy wins it that's why is that is a lot alike and live in a meeting that he'll black keep your black man you should be called for the magnate i had i'd like it but i'm scared to their liking it yet like what's going on what's out there with you why he wouldn't let any one and one upheaval get out old dole injured her kerzner during the efficiency this story a lake how'd how'd how we all have the guys who takes years to be getting all right only misjudged this person and is the most efficient version of getting somebody brought in realizing you get around that you couldn't do it in fewer sentences but on the queen of the world with you know my the people my building colby clean all goddess of the events that makes me realize that i can solve anything anything can be solved for compensation my candidacy you and i and he is suit and we both the suit back on full of debris resolved in like a hobby sat hank could as far as tennis because answers to questions really surprise me we're good then a program for people in the same situation with relies on and i thought you one thing and i had it wrong you're not that person except in the civic he's they do not have queen would help them right out so quickly gruber bunches of these misunderstandings misperceptions a drag on for years with a lot what they attached to them or the bbc chicago which this american life i'm ira glass stay with us for a barbaric bearer rubber bulb in the world will to live is really only two shit enough to the host is giving things but his lesson is that he wishes were not true i base another sings it could ever happen to a person they would all agree on that i'm saying this is if this is a problem and i thought that ended and spout off anyway recently at that tony be in most of the radio show christian world view today in south carolina so we choose tells the story tony down early mornings ninety two point nine of them six sixty am not meet these issue wheeze for an id evangelical community politics news little sports god that to shove well go back to our coverage of christian world today is cut off the shelf it's coming straight back to just whistling even if the good guy and hot don't lose callers at the scene language the u. bombing karen deficit spending a few good christian right gets no respect from the republican establishment in when tony into worse is a presidential teenage number of his listeners agree with him that you did seek him out the common you're with one of huckabee know we'd seen swarming twenty twelve aspirin take a cruise invited to me in his wake up to dc he sat them down or private washington apartment in the pitch opinionated tea party in the libertarians the evangelicals and when tony told me how much he later no lady have the principles and convictions that hi hi have they have a political strategy guffaw which six eight him we walked out of them a mock my wife who is not new year's involved in politics for fashion advice i've she looked at me chooses you do or to wobbling for that guy now one after he went on the real interest clueless belief one evangelical conservatives are probably reason right man for the job cowboy he's the right person it's got insider knowledge but he's an outsider within his own party because he's willing to call out is boarded that impresses me about you is missing on the anti status and christian republicans in south carolina year after year he goes to this the political gatherings the silver elephant dinner just don't king's beating freedom barbecue he grew up listening to ronald reagan an iranian sitting in the kitchen is that he was telling him of this guy has got the answer for the future as a real like a mirror ten republican origin stories in this film you're you're dead end kids in the good eggs frying listening to ronald reagan really our parking here at m. i. dimensions are can smell the main he was most people is bacon and eggs my dad loved liver much pollution on him for oliver marsh and ugly burma shave exile in terms of love and i'm i'm up to one was especially excited this election year as establishment units bush and skywalker flamed out and he's dietetic freezes on the rack is to work together we'll shattered the nominee obviously there's also does on thirteen and in the race donald trump but to isn't worried that shot the bird johnson are fading in which people built on the burmeister the bible and all trot out in the race i said show and three weeks will be done here 'cause there's no way that people to go chase after him then team the first republican to beat the one we're making telling the bikes using current s. chomp about some stuff you've said about winning not like this week tornquist there to answer those questions at all where it all white hat heinous health dogs slots disgusting animals get where i can only rosie o'donnell know-how we now to the sixteen seconds it's your inclines that disregards need theory controversial line of questioning why it is so then i had hoped for the record was well leon residence and junior twitter account and several disparaging comments about women's locks you once all the contestants lovely practice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees does that sound you like the temperament of a man we should alexis president's off those gergen's mean this is democrats to pound republicans who were on women and we got a guy who's come of the front runner who's attacking vogel whale woman works an attack in other women on namely you kidding me and frankly what i say and oftentimes it's fine that it's getting we have a good time what i say is what i say optima card markers on a food source to buy him a walk the itar drops below and this is a eddie's really stepped in it no ban on plastered with people calling to ella mae health how gladly or the way tromp hell itself and that he won that debate and i was stoned popeye follow stew of somebody else's talk show that the tapes which frequencies on lincoln not told me that allows actually doing the show and from a different location this is grace require that all is not who we know now is just the beacon and i know it weird to tear apart and that walked away about what talked about him going to go out for don't know where i work out a penny a entre puerto wait and what you've got on the up and right and and in the awhile and got pinched a really good at or had happened and he ended the cuddly i will have a leg and then we'll end up in the aisle as well as i hate him allegedly we had and that was agreed we have been in force winds 'cause that was right up there but you said it doesn't i don't know if his conservative credentials or or or true or not but it doesn't matter it doesn't go called ladies can enter tunis to engulf quick i'll try but your couple would go on that you want to crush of the railway trunk of the de yes uh huh good heart that was we'll and had laid out worried that i can give you a pair of what your pride and who actually did that what we're star credibility and did not want to go on the road and abductor a token i didn't have a little silly plot that to ida you think it's a good idea or not not asking a god who had at it loud he got a call when whole and good a sled it well i'm asking you out all u. out what i'm calling you well do you want to ban all muslims for the united states and you want to kill all the family members everybody who's ever been involved are what you all want out why don't you know i want it that cruise and hastert doctor ministry from southern baptist theological seminary and that is the problem with strong whose daddies now the good christian at busy share the values and govern tony's entire length prisons less on and in your view restaurant if he ever ask god for forgiveness and since interim was laid by chateau make mistakes and entering the war in a few cracker some people thought of us by named tony did not given that nesting transmit free easier to win his listeners try to defend tromp want biblical winds the clinic a gene called in to talk about trumpet or in the second book which means that i thought i'd be out what your motion big trouble i heard what a lot what age do and i know what we want you on the first in the bible john judge about what a what he's talking about is in the second book of keenest this guy j. you murdered queen jazz and all because she had he not needles are mounting debt continues through her body to the dogs do you was like a warrior against the crops kocher which judge ito you remember that part of our members and the people they can use you think jack you think doth crop is jackie yeah and you do that yeah it happened to an old daughter right judgment are tired and doctor judge ito to put the law largest property regarding judge to go to pilot of the island of oahu james we have such chaos in this country that we would look to a male white donald trump who has no core bag you system to lead us back to the place that we need to be is a country i i dropped her relied that you met while at work conquered urine sample and south carolina evangelical voters trump is leading to the point to head its headquarters national received ahead by more than fifteen percent evangelical voters tony is in this very real struggle that i'd see a lot of intense down bushman urkel blue cancer in turkey is a part of the donald from thing that it's you also have to take his moment in south carolina republican to be an identical and i think i'm very angry because our country is the right heartily and i will lead to the south the mantle of de and our military at how it fits all ha rochelle potluck dinner with him again the agree what we were on your stuff like this on lives at ducky i talked all into that and the dinner monday and power and then a step back and no one to let really want him to the president this isn't saying because the emotional chord made cannot take control over the thought process that is gonna be waters along the mess was scares me about this whole thing paul this is being is being roll up our own sure promotion is just then building obama's get his way nobody standing against him he's ruined in this country he doesn't love america and we all have people they're pushing back and it just hit that that mindset charms and people get matter in matter and i'm for rooms with supporting him in real trouble do you have a specific memory love somebody calling in the show and you think wait a minute come this isn't going away up there and get that the call to duty skis calls pasha lot of our call him though about the tromp interpreter libraries alfano bearing bitter and had ordered our monday report okay sure going mad diary that is an evangelical christian is very strong these guys what he called them was all about draw house lotto mok around as good a actor and ordered the immediate did a reporter to report them at its bid objects is good embittered and good but i will pay dearly and i wouldn't do that good at all well i think it's a good thing for his campaign elevated to a bigoted good thing for the people who are part of the g. o. p. establishment going to washington and doing squad to make changes that regard your honor trap try now i'm alex i'll try i'd our audience say i didn't say that he's not doing things that are called for an all out of sight and look what i'm saying is it's pocket an award get into all the reasons why they did to probably would bury thanks for your delegates a break come back we get that would get to the studio to a new ones which to live in the early agree on the media's and feared their candidates for public establishment dismisses them but still it's ugandan know barry well not at all when someone recognizes you want to write about talk to him an awful mayor where over the years please go call on the show for years and i felt like a new improved well at least he's gone and russian about would've been the worst of one of the buffalo were great that the person that we want to wait as we agree with our principles and have that encircle so you will and away all that aside for the king has it reached those were the suppression or not has raised award for eight go blind to the sedona what to do about that um oh come out up to and you into squabbling with theory any of your callers over to your members of the deadly and we see which way the ongoing arguing with his listeners and finally ends with him on the research right to life evangelical vogue who is when tron said we needed to be an all muslims from coming to america must first thought was no that that somebody's get that messed it should not find on the feeling is where he actually has access to a doctor a child is calling for a thorough and complete shutdown how what clothes entering the united states ha ha ha ha ha ha half to figure out why the hell is going on august fourth i'm mission into homes whole thing and the demons of which this is so opposed to the everything bid to promote corvette each are you nervous to come into the show after that happened 'cause in it though because i'm an idiot but as i came in and saw a man that you know that this might help dropped over all the christians they're gonna be appalled by this there is on line glengarry but a hundred error and had card and rubbed out what legend of the ideology image that actually o'clock or ideology that he seemed muslims an conquering ideology hi what got out and go out and work it out what we brian christie has it's what we do know christians have bob in their background and ideological conquering mentality and you look at that old testament menu that you get to get the jews that we're taking a look at the entire come to raise christianity rose out of judaism in the christian that are not talking i'm talking now barry citizens' wives were we all talk to the site on so you know we need to be weak weak it at you'd what i'm trying to get us that he does that give once we start down the road when we tell people that because of their wages expression we're going to deny them entry into the country were setting a precedent atwood and it at all and i get their ideology at to enter what word from that orange talk about all the laws are not hardball moslems are not to ours and christians don't you go blue ocean doctor stand on abortion clinics that organ lumping and did what they have because i'm a christian anymore than there are muslims that don't wanna be lumped into the idea of terrorism because their radical islamic extremist who are trying to kill people buried by age would go without ragavan a tow truck we got it right welcome back to doctor roth to do with blaze assortment adhering to the verse and understand yes why he wants from so much really how he'd street so far from toledo the other araya i fear it was signed it and sell it it sucked in and go early proud celebrity they got the power has the house and gary chisholm in the flesh he works twenty minutes away from tony's read your studio runs a small business news in employee benefits this means he's up close and personal with obama care that she is not enough barry's we united pictured paper older way gary at the spa cat he is indeed an evangelical christian from boston that antiques and just a few seconds till nine himself up bizarre part of why you would move down here late it seems like a more friendly and army into evangelicals them boston it's no actually not i miss being out in boston because the defense of the year is the if you're a christian you stand out like crazy if you're krishna on his account fooled think and i like being around people that have strong opinions 'cause it's fun because you know what i know what i believed in him what i believe is not what i made up this if this guy jeez gracious god so on gone on to what he dodd so it's far and i miss being out around people don't go don't r. know about christ or to talk so no i missed that has brought in the most one pot as i like the gauge people didn't like to turn people want to go check it out you know pollini you know go final few soft as the journey i had to take an asset and so no i would never moved down here just because the new law suits are leaking carmichael whipping up a little bit as a contrary if that beer is said in an ad david body on a surrogate hundred and get out and that's the i is gonna drug yes i mean that the theories begat who wants to stir the pot the reason he's just meeker he says he had how we found truck tony and gary note he started out this election season in the very same place why they are supported i'm bob hart why cock of the works and talked before that if i yell and then held my nose and bosom mit romney in the eyes wave that's when reagan i've done so when this came around and head you know i'm not the seven philosophy watkins was out tonight we've made on his way to see all the gonzo of the and one thing about all from isaiah will be educated get to know before the water goes b. is not a politician but i throw ice how much farther with the body hated hated it is gone way beyond my expectation is been the most enjoyable action i've ever seen what's in the above all these people's heads and hope it's been has been aforethought spend final watch all the establishment who come unhinged years ago they can control it is fonda was so liberally year of bombed you know come on with the big it's the names and he says he's races at all at just never knew someone could stay to heaped unjust hunchback soldiers like the al this is his fondness is different as for tom cruise barry says forget it and he killed in the mean streets he thought with other star need anjelica candidate field does make fun of them but donald trump few weeks fond of the mainstream media adviser to julia buried at a time the first to be acting simulating tallied the rosier dom question you're eating tony had completely opposite experiences that tony lake greeting me about tromp that's a beer he says about making kelly meg tilly has been already tried to dig up that little piece the image evelyn job you kidding me she was doing it for stocks we we get so politically correct as i could talk from said about carly feelings face the face of it donald trump that that did it but if even a new woman unique in the raid thing been goal for talking don't think he'd be he's an equal opportunity bash at phil bash guys as well as women stop with the baby stuff in a medically that she did it became more horror of it he notice a presidential debate i mean saying blood coming out of her where our mac all actually i had that all that was after which at all yeah that that was stupid the un is no doubt about it and you lose all is the present time out for you live disguise lot of politicians and how did the house i'd making county the wall of the non muslims all the stuff into we were sure we've tried everyone away very loves those thanks very well the atm necessarily the practice but the fact that the statement of being all muslims on he's going up as we have a problem if we do okay we talk about it all hinges everybody's abated now i mean that's all so don't drive each which is what we need to be addressed we found out upon meeting theory is one of things he wants most about downtrodden is arguing about the contract the conversation is preaching to me out so what about the state the country that conversation itself is the thing iberia's relishing in very diabolical about it aires eat signs all trump fiancee says can use to place on dvd in his pro tron battles against tony what'll happen is my dougan on their tory golf flustered upset the roswell held that the seven abed they'll come up short so that i call right in a disconnect into the conversation because the holman the digs a hole like color or in this olivia's but the whole you know so you can avoid the trough mindset huh some taiwanese you and saying this is the challenge of it is they have the authority is gay people often make people feel stupid woman collin you allow people to like why don't really like tromp alma trumps of horror by you know he's pretty good on this issue and tony was our jump all over that i don't know i got that from supporters and mean south carolina would be angry but allowed them early barely angry at having such a great actress people i met him were happy to the tree i guess this vital rally for tromp let's everybody come out of this about what ally now by thought that if the market lot when i got zero waiting to be about a while why it jealousy is a little on bodner pollinate in the big guns behind no no they might have seizures as ed began internet bombings carried that's all i get bags everybody got now and go but it is the rally was held in a biker bar and we scored seventeen two and is explained to me then to sue the media needs of the combustion engine is this guy equally vouch for whether best intentions so already late term so mind this will need is a resist honor the no use them allowed in the box is good so are all those bikers and we've never voted in flight to be he's very neutral ground to welcome him to tear news voter registration card stacked up at the bar steve you never voted before either never ever did they give to fracture in riyadh because i've been wanting to school in what world there's a difference though when did you register treason off for trumped up fully adjusted to it because you know what every little bit helps my one ball one of the much would you know what would you want me to rock island rags their blessing to live among its not one you and your arms and hands the abadi let's let ellen in that i mean these guys first time voters we hear that they might split the republican party they never felt that homemaker that theory to me three u. nemesis slash real friendly is different so we asked him if you go for tromp are you gonna split the party who cares but i don't get the republican party needed to be stolen long time ago they troll the evangelicals a piano to the conservatives when they get in and they do with the lobbyist on to do so after public upon his sweat so why all i care what america at the end of the day tony no we reach years he does not wanna lose the election and wonders what is it mean imbalance listeners if they follow this pied piper i think this was led to micro level of frustration i'm itchy that it's greater than in the past and i'll probably cora frye clinging to dial it back low but bob because i don't need to be consumed by this and from last couple of weeks of has probably been covering this has been very heavy oman on and then he has this mother worried is on their way of thinking about it is worries so person or pepper seeded wanna talk about it or social costs were also after we target well he agreed to go back and make an announcement to the charge of our lunches given up for radio show because i don't wanna be worn to foster's stood on reasonable level of anger that's out there in bed by a given your time to some of the south well i have course to call and they're very angry now that if and they expressed things that end and i pushed back but i just wonder how many people i hear that can go and he's right and doctor been nice to get with the program you know oh i'm so are the great song just most of them are not doing anything except given a teufel look jesus christ when he walked the sufferers condemn the zealots he condemned the establishment the fair season the center cities because there were hypocrites we also condemned those who want to march move against rome in a violent way that was not the path that jesus talked about jesus was was was a prince of peace he was reckoned sour who bought another swiss panama anomaly that to represent him in the world that olivia so by the porsche gangs on fire will be reconciled who brings peace to the situation with anger is missing should be the prevailing fault russians and the how best to do that but i can't do what with a marker file charges road turn off but it's not for all the that bothers me or partially is that for all the news popular to do ooh the tessa will soon and more so mr adams every phase of the suppression of the beginning coverage worth of this and yet new thinking that he doesn't exist what does not exist within a minute ago but we'll win our program continues support for this american life comes from square space if you have a story to tell whether it's about starting a new business or sharing photos from recent adventure swears these kids you in all in one platform to bring these stories to life on line with modern temple its global response of designs simple dragon trap tools and twenty four hour support you can create a professional website portfolio or online store in just a few minutes for free trial is is where space dot com slash american says mechanized myra classy chicken evidence which uses dean three different kinds of stories on that theme today shall i thought i knew you stirs people miss proceeding other people sometimes it slowly don's and then look at ron sundance comes at quickly if redneck two of our program at two but little blue stupid but so far program we're focused on people who have misperceived but they don't want to be misperceived than doing things to get misperceptions but of course sometimes people deliberately mislead other people about who they are b. j. larson has this example yes i'll talk radio recognize the noble window no i ignore it and the voice filled out not just that that the us for it yeah exactly that opportunity potential who knows who know what it's like a out for good yeltsin on the floor of a traffic all rings nine one seven you'll come with all alone of all the talker go hello daddy why does a gross what's going on but my name's jay not bruised i sincerely i go not much there was no no you how it videos bauxite what's going on it as many noble the budget slowly fifty thousand out of ten thousand like to know what the hell's going on or in my practice during all that correct will use bulk is right now happy name is ruth didn't want to fifteen thousand notes head and actually i think that is that what are they are i know what's really going to lose what is it that the that now this was the fifty thousand u. c. l. like this than you know now extinct and i go and look to a minimum the road right having seen the e-mail the eye is use and how but i didn't rosa matthew none how unlike no laying on intake and that is no way am i will listen grow the budget was fifteen thousand we at public serbs bennett says it went up to sixty two and we worked it out than forty seven we agreed and play what i call that could mean i sent it out the devil out now at a time that is the answer has to say they hope that they truly enjoyed being kind to me that what happened in one really in it and what do those that can be ok this is what now is no larry yeah yeah i'm has so i will listen kinds of an ease the blue line when you lose my ass ana winds are worried it might not adjusting kazan had seized him look good and sends it out he goes yeah he announced it tells it has no idea what's going on over that and talk to barry yet that you look like this may not what it's really you know i've spoken to groups that you listen man you needed to balkans i go bro and on the roll right now i haven't even seen the u. know what you call larry check in with him see what's going on the fall what clara strike right let me see why not really pleased they yes because that phone call return is going to be amazing how when he goes in the ambulance was in one week the union will reject you know you call where you call me back i know not now draw larry knows way more opposite side pubic all call me back used okay phase of the top the website is alone with euphoria has this small business in your stomach it's probably two howl over the house i don't know what invite rose two dollars and larry and an noodle to whack huh up who asked i did all wounds olds idols a rental what could be to myself you know what comes the bad guys noble but cute little obeys check it activates the morale what is the number my phone under random now up these women get don't think about a couple days that's no big deal we'll go to watching the game phone rings the table once again get out to phone look down ray inman guy why things myself we're done in the rain and the costly and i cannot let go of this somehow now i'm great how you need it and hold the door and at the blue eyed look at but what this is why in on us to this the end of the movie and i thought it's up to my ear plugs bill doesn't just get some distance unity and a topical hello same guy goes hey larry what's going on huh you have read that we know what that gwen to actually be redeemed and i will not much mills olivia what vetoes liz and i was on conference call with jen nel henry if that like i'm backing down from janelle in korea however i psycho the ladies that huh good get the hall and they will be is you really don't honey you know i hope on you what the law and i'm an old way that breeds he digs leads you to larry it when is it we you up and look at the clock in its five thirty and there in your company so ago eight thirty p. the killings brinkley who are widely i can pull back and pull it out you really what's the little white ago weather's nice weather is nice shoes really does that sound like larry anecdotal we enter whose is now mike and the guy who call all times he church cities like that i have to have that whiny little of this case wide open what did that vial the eyes this isn't wearing this in this isn't bruise issues lee is the is that out of my just some two and nothing better than a mess with you guys at what we did not like that she got his start yelling me she said my small business trying in my time in which the does the gel and litvack thoughtless act let me ask is on the boat with you yes you thought what if he goes that's illegal really what the honey listen to the left neck in the city is an amazing rate is website the lawyers in comedy dot com at the like many other side to think a lot of kids would be levy shocked the country would be shocked and how well their teachers understand them human deja good good teachers get out you for ever about this kid are back in a class they're good qualities to bed qualities and when your student and teacher respect and teacher think badly of you that is just like the harbaugh feeling that you may or may not get to correct the abrams tells the story at ten elementary school for ten years and you're sitting at this place called the neighborhood school it was one of the schools were students call teachers by their first names and work teacher is really get to other students well their families their strengths their dramas but sometimes when can't stand out this is a story about one of those kids and as friends and his teacher said he as the teacher and also a friend of mine to willie was arrested eight years ago she sixteen now emily's costly robber was hers to entail does he stand so i'll let lily tell you about him i really had a hard time telling people who had died for awhile because the gilmore estate in friendship and egged him on the same best friend because then makes it seem bleak as friendly union anyone can see it they were his best friend the books so close to me silly basically ilya kulik hang out twenty voir seven hon we talked about everything in our school in the spring quiet no good in my shadow tunisia seemed like he is just a friend years fonda and everyone else is boring teachers never liked and calm he throw away route linking do his homework bellows like a big thing 'cause then there was one of cycle and your homework and you know margaret you not enough for recess on the seven member he like never going to freeze us because in his book roberts and suffered two adults and other kids were drawn to that but he was also sort of hapless he was the kind of candidate who when he cut school got caught he got kicked out of the school which is always like really weird to me because there's so many kids that were so much worse than me that night the killer's case it came in that school of kwanzaa we get at ten o'clock at night rapid grown laughed whom have personnel going to detect as autumn i'm fifth graders eight area to vic rushed him to legislate commonality i'm home and he went and let me flowers m. i. a. door and that is my birthday gift then knocked on the door and ran away and yet so i'm open the door and there is less and his leg let about is one hundred and one half a dozen that flower isn't that and so i picked up and there's an old man down is that boobs from robert to lily happy birthday gps don't get had beach and neck and head of the hague as a leg whenever don't get heavy don't think i like you because i'm doing this i don't get happy hours later when i am that the vicinity one swell as that go home how you we hung how to have been to prove i realize that actually because i liked him so much as a friend and i never really had somebody else avoid that like so much as a friend on the side figured you know i must be in love with him or westlake have a big they know is also like that is actually always really liked him on the person at cali son robert says he has on differently after he was in my class rubbermaid countess of the s. class for next door and allied times and see and hear them alcohol to gather mostly enter cynthia she wasn't sir robert about homework in an effort and patented get her voice that really loud and annoying and boss of the electorate brother to stood there rolling his eyes may lose more of physical manifestation just kind of listening to meet that really listening to it and moping off her husband's found head and so do the arms crossed by the light reading for the people you know the episodes and said he had a harder time with robert and i said that he was older by the time she taught him that is reading wasn't much better and he still struggled with his schoolwork the he also got a really good and bad deflecting follow the thing is the teachers which i am ordering the cajoling dietrich and good day sophia would see robert around the neighborhood after school beating out over four is doing nothing magic about it faster and it hurts now end of this murder charming ted they seemed headed for a lifetime as dead end jobs and disappointments that at one point when i was added in your mind he is i wrote i am the yellow that doctor stanley that make gives a after school in the classroom to satanism are down and out different breed of like a week or two and why don't think it was very successful it was in the habit he could have replicated and since the train sophie and robber piled up and here ended badly between them someone wrote an obscenity about sophie on the school all about high for only a tall kid could write and our principle is convinced it was robert he ended up being banned from the big and the your party when robert didn't show it to graduation other kids to school including loudly blame sophia even as if she had nothing to do it at all not going had been roberts decision all nowhere hold on now and when leslie says she has such as the best she could with robert she wasn't sure she felt that when she thought about an ad for now reaching him after having been hard on him and for the next few years she dreaded seeing robert around the neighborhood especially with other kitchen you i equally and then one day says she heard robber was dead stabbed to death for reasons no one has even today he just turned sixteen two weeks before after robert that was killed i have this nightmare h. m. thad i know cherish three of the girls left classroom really upset with me than they were were they were talking about the time when i had asked robert stay after school and work for the summer one of the girls excuse me yeah of preventing him from during the best of all the and she said that because i didn't let him do that because i made it stay after school to work for the summer he didn't get a chance to make better friends and foes and do something that was better for ever more productive and now i really felt like you know maybe they have something there if nothing else had happened robber would instantly that and said he has had for years did she always had regrets about always wish she'd done a better job left at about six weeks after robert died slowly came back to world elementary school and shut up and said his classroom and the bloke and she did something out of her students had ever done surprise seizure of all people in my room in my class visiting me and them and she's alive why they give you this and she handed me a note that she did and as she left him i've read the note i couldn't believe i just really matter read the letter over again to keep it in my mom i want to frame it but sometimes i feel i make i just even read that letter again just to remind me sure i'll read it tenth up arab hearsay of fear this is a letter appreciation to you for me and rob thank you very much for coming to rob's brave know what it meant so much to him see how many people showed up in the past three years well four years since we arrived left the neighborhood school we have been best friends together every day i just wanna to let you know how much rob appreciate that you did for him as a teacher whenever we would talk about that passed he said that he understood everything you did for him and then he was grateful for it he shanley that people care for you that's why sometimes they are harsh that reason i thank you for teaching it to him rob always liked and people showed him the carriage and cared for you very much to see you soon returns i'd bang talking moon can i they're fun bang clearly that the next says he honored and calls while she was creating she was unsure phyllis the rating today an worth it was weird operated properly approved but the horse to talk herself added that she sat down at her kitchen counter and read it on a pink posted the thing is i don't really wanna people know they he was a really great percent in myung teachers russell is not liking him and i say replied yes and if maybe even if one to jenny had knew that he laid them more than you know i'm not changes reputation referring to every teacher the ever had that power strand i'll take over live better off his name because i don't think he really deserved any better at all fad are you so much for about a whole thing about it and i was an old that and one eighth on the new guy showed her that with that she would know that he actually turned out pretty well he said down i'm not mad because i think that she wished china do the best thing that she could for me 'cause we're talking about sophie and you know those kentucky to know that handily in here is a hit me so much in the one hand on me you know how was that in life to asia strand i'll tell me like you and he said that he was thankful that she took the time out to even care about and even if it was yelling or whatever was in children and she he said that you showed him get him that she cared it's a fiennes are packed allowing should want to find the perfect wave of anger she couldn't decide what to say and then she figured too much time had passed the lily doesn't see it at length it's kind in the new dishes you're in anger she just don't think who endeavored to lead to move beyond just never know what people up me to know bar for awhile in what hotel eyes took turns out really had no idea how much connection and sassy and not dead city it then and while at bat and it weigh years of guilt for lily then ellis about saving robert depression that was left in the world she had air realized that it would also rescue sofia and move whoo hoo i'm martin mm who do you guess that face right we first broadcast your schell city yet you still a teacher at the same school and clearly the sixteen year old has a masters in music business and abortion electrically the studios facts the high of the of financial asset and a town and out exile what time of day and what is out while it had a kind and and it happened lived and head a wound and then that that to set that uh-huh i our what happened out to it that vote okay sir thank you said that i knew you and fortune is titled i thought i knew you too this is some i guess about due to the mandate to the sub adam's got parks and rec and scott aka men and he may never come to bang bang and you know they're really into you to come unto unexpected we were making up ideas about you too so they said the top of the banded together come second thing they did at this thing not long ago where do these den of intense due to phantom they brought somebody who knows nothing about you too between entire glass was as obeid cast the russian me by the way and what happens is just is buried fun to listen to matter anti matter collision had less expensive he doesn't know really much about music about any band and that is the depth and you two are in iowa years when it comes up for a deal now take the lead singer gets that rule to view to willis isn't there were targets are you there and yet he's offered to himself too seriously ladies in the world hunger yeah yet or not you know we're not gonna tell you what i wanna wanting hear everything you know about what i know that ah the so much reason that there's a song about about that isn't there a song that he did for like some big lake events way to raise money for some like it wasn't really sure there's a lot so that this was waiting for one thing particular bill that at a non violently hundred when you know that can lead to get his first name i'm picturing him is big glasses areas is harris short of thinning on top what what else about what else you know by you to it life experiences anything but ginny o'connor has his eye on her skating lessons i know i don't like and if you told us all right we generally lake pheasants come out your mouth full of those things and olea bomb so that's what you know you you could not even tells one name of one saw now you but i do but you can't hide if you play at all as something i would know if you play something but seriously i don't tell if it's gonna be or not to dildo just play is all alternatives is song about an apartment okay so i'll i'll play the song don't know this is all in a heartbeat i would imagine made them on objects on liaison you would tell me if this is a huge use on sunday and and the descend on the odd thing i could know frequent now and at that it's like doesn't have enough of us all and i won the right to say that you are at with gerry rafferty baker street has learned that the illness was nothing improper to reiterate it now part and now that what about it during this is the van and the id but it out if you are a lot what is the army you do a gentler is heretical and and what if at the ceo you are writers in the spirit of the valley ali if this is pretty low and raises a husband for reading look at her ear and that this poem is gonna be a hope fiasco with hotel flavorful on hold on hold on our don't know mrs what does an older but yes it's an older work is the it be incorrect is peter gabriel sledge hammer and that the newell was in it that he is adamant hate for the white and i go out and leave playbook or did say i hate all trust your instincts laughed derisively us ought to go yep i made this boy i think you would be better for it and try and think of what song you would know i'm gonna look always right okay i'm okay years right this is is it okay i think this is the song that you would not hold on to s hannah lass is dead and in the hands they know this is the move that doesn't notice and till she hide heil i'd head ready that cliff hundred but what i couldn't have been for you then lo live demo a movement who can that this isn't i'm dying to it or it's not be as noble play the song but look me in the eye can play real songs but rarely agatha i don't find out as a slave dissolve series of cash guy slightly on i'm looking you in the eye and his bugger me just here to you to leave at to use up all the u. to salzburg your weaknesses you thomas denies it doesn't probably you'd use most famous song i would say out of all you don't play some new placed stopped him if i knew this was the third player now really play that are here and here is the riyadh really do woman roads connecting but let's move on to our thin layer of the l one thousand and roll out then it and and who thought it up why traders in his arm is you do hope you yes i know this along oh jesus christ you're exhausted i am not yeah and of that if it on how i literally out of breath hung when of them out forever that though isn't it the english move what hey what that and to know about and if the hill the one that we and that's alternate and had glass 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good as american life comes the new siam hydeia nine am which can see carson up i guess what they hoped you'd see the sense in buying cars with standard features actually comes standard you buy an ion siad barre greg what we need is brewing company timidity been upheld in public radio having curious sales and others this to appreciate hearing in telling great stories and more and the need is that calm as a casper they make exactly what kind of mattress and a system for shopping experience pastures award winning engineered to comfort me in america and ships in a compact rocks were on the line a trifle one hundred ninety but olaf or visit casper dot com slash american into those two over most of them is to immorality of his every move and swayed one will photo albums picket lines and we just this week he backed me apologize you when you album was really significant to me in us back next week with those stories of this american lives and one half up and out of and you what do they didn't have cancer this mechanized derek gentility these soldiers and their wits we got to begin their planes is the foxholes you know for me stop when they have given us simon told them that you would have to do any field duty which you would have to sing and dance of amateurs people doing things they are not trying to do that to them about that are no local public radio station that