Episode: #572: Transformers

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#572: Transformers
For the New Year, as people everywhere make resolutions, we have stories of people deciding to make very big changes. A prisoner who hasn't talked to anyone in years comes up with a bold plan to re-introduce himself to the world. A 90-year-old woman shocks her family when she falls in love.

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강헌 좌파 명리 > EP.13 명리주점 : 라좌명으로의 초대, 어서오세요. 무료입니다._1부

현직 명리상담가 지산 박정혁선생님께 물어봅니다. 이것저것 다, 허니쌤의 다음 결혼운까지. ▷서리매듭옷감 : 명리 심화 편을 기다리다 문득 든 생각 goo.gl/zBHcHC ▷닉네임좀만들어줘 : 타고난 사주와 다르게 살아갈때는요? goo.gl/CX5s3g
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