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Baby Lisa Irwin has been missing for two months, but the one-year-old's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, continue to maintain that their daughter was kidnapped. Bradley and Irwin have come under fire for failure to cooperate with the Kansas City police department, sparking suspicions that baby Lisa might be dead or that the parents might have been involved. A Dallas psychic, Stephanie Almaguer, made claims on her blog that the missing one-year-old died accidentally in her home and was then dumped in an area resembling the Kansas City location. The self-proclaimed psychic claims she had a vision that Lisa Irwin was buried by a river and a tower. She then posted a drawing of what she saw in her vision. Locals identified parts of the drawing as the region surrounding Sam's Town Casino at Interstate 435 and Highway 210, reported KCTV 5. Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young told KCTV 5 that the police were aware of Almaguer's reported visions and that, in fact, authorities have been contacted by numerous psychics. However, he claims the information has not been useful and police would not search the former Sam's Town Casino. While police refused to pursue the lead, the public and media sources were quick to consider the tip. Megyn Kelly of Fox News invited Almaguer onto her show in order to discuss her "psychic ability" prior to the abandoned casino's search. The failure of psychics, like Almaguer, to accurately provide information to police calls into question why they repeatedly turn up in the cases of missing people reports. If psychics tend to be unreliable, why do people continue to listen, trust and follow them? Has the seeming hopelessness of Lisa's case lead to the acceptance of all, and any, possible sources of information? Or, is there something greater?

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