Episode: Episode 84 – Do Good, Win $5,000

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Episode 84 – Do Good, Win $5,000

Pardon the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it's repaired from water damage. So I recorded this episode using my headphones and cleaned it up as much as I could. That's also why the video recording is a static image.

You can win $5,000 for a photography project. Here is how...

We are extremely excited to launch our 7th annual Imagely Fund which offers $5,000 to one environmental and one humanitarian photographer to use toward an interesting and meaningful project.

Grant season offers our team an incredible chance to check out the amazing work of photographers around the globe. Each year we are inspired by, and learn from these photography stories. Whether it’s documenting wars or natural disasters, spotlighting injustices and inequalities, or highlighting issues in conservation, we feel incredibly honored to witness the impact that powerful imagery has to evoke positive change.

If you are interested in applying to be 2019’s Imagely Fund Fellow you will need an online portfolio (check out NextGEN Gallery) showing off your photo storytelling talents and a one-page personal statement (it will include a link to your portfolio, a short bio, a brief project description, an estimated budget, and info on any location-specific training, preparations, and partnerships). 

Our first female judge!

Applications are judged by our panel of distinguished reviewers which in 2019 include: Jim Brandenburg, Steve Winter, and Ami Vitale. The Imagely Team is immensely grateful to all of our judges (present and past) for their commitment to giving back to the photography community despite their busy schedules with projects, books, travel, and teaching.

Learn more about the fund and process here.

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Welcome to episode 84. My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz. Today it's going to be a short episode for two reasons, uh, one of which you will hear about in episode 85. Uh, but first of all today we just want to announce the 2019 Imagely fund. This is a humanitarian and environmental photography grant. This is a $10,000 grant. It used to be 5,000, but we have raised it to 10,000 the via our offering to crib. So now instead of it being environmental or humanitarian photographer who can win the grant of $5,000, we are doing one $5,000 grant for an environmental photography project and won $5,000 grant for a humanitarian photography project. So $10,000 total. So we are excited to launch our seventh annual Imagely fund offering these two amazing grant to two amazing photography projects. Grant season offers our team an incredible chance to check out the amazing work of photographers around the world every year.

We are so inspired by and learn from these photographies stories, whether it's documentary in wars, natural disasters, spotlighting and justices and inequalities or highlighting issues in conservation, whatever it is, we feel incredibly honored to witness the impact that powerful photography has to invoke positive change doing good in the world. So if you're interested in applying to be, uh, a fellow, the Imagely fund fellow, you'll need an our portfolio showing your photography, storytelling talents. Um, you could use nextgen gallery where you could just, you could do a free Adobe spark page. We don't really care what you submit, it just has to be a, a portfolio online that we can view. We also need, um, a one page personal statement including a link to your portfolio. Of course, a short bio, a brief project description, estimated budget and in Info on any location specific training, preparations and partnerships that you have right now.

We have had amazing judges in the past, amazing judges in the past and we continue that. But I love that I can share a second. Amazing announcement with you. Applications are judged by a panel of distinguish reviewers. And in 2019 this seventh annual grant, we have Jim Brandenburg again, Steve Winter again and for the first time ever. And finally we have our first female judge and we're so happy, excited and honored to say that Amy Vitali is the first female judge of the Image League Fund. We are immensely grateful to all of our judges both present and past for their commitment to giving back to the photography community despite their busy schedules. So if you would like to learn more about the image of the fund, the process, what it takes to win and even see previous winners and runners up, including Amy Vitali who was a runner up in the past, please just go to imagely.com/fund now, you might've noticed that this episode was recorded. The audio is all different. There's no video to this. I will explain the reasoning behind that in episode 85 so for now, thank you for listening. Thank you for watching and listening on Youtube. Even though you don't see me, you're just going to sort of see the, the episode imagery, uh, with my audio still. Thank you so much. And uh, yeah, imagely.com/fund.

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