Episode: Episode 78 – Sensual Photos Dreamy Site with Molly Marie Keyser

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Episode 78 – Sensual Photos Dreamy Site with Molly Marie Keyser

Through the appropriate marketing, sales, and pricing strategies Molly Marie Keyser grew her boudoir photography business from .81 cents to 6 figures a year. In addition to being a photographer, Molly helps other photographers grow their boudoir businesses by being an open book with her experiences through her education website, Boudie Shorts, her Boudoir Certified and Boudoir Empire programs.

Visit the show notes page to answer Molly's question from this episode.

What we discuss:

  • 5 Key Components to a Great Boudoir Website
    • Clear CTA for more info
    • Your story to build your Know, Like & Trust
    • Your Certifications & Awards
    • Video & Screen Shot Testimonials
    • Your Portfolio

Where to find Molly:

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Scott: Welcome to episode 78. My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and I'm joined by my guest, Molly Marie Keyser of booty shorts. Uh, now as a reminder, at the end of the show, Molly will have an opportunity to ask you a question and you'll be able to answer that question on the episodes page, the show notes page, or on the youtube video. So, uh, my guest, Molly, I've known her for many years, uh, in various ways. And, uh, just a little bit about, about Molly through a appropriate marketing sales and pricing strategies. Molly grew her boudoir photography business from 81 cents to multiple six figures. Molly helps other photographers grow

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