Episode: Replay: Paul Hannam - The wisdom of Groundhog Day (again!)

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Replay: Paul Hannam - The wisdom of Groundhog Day (again!)
Paul Hannam is an academic, environmentalist, entrepreneur and author of The Wisdom of Groundhog Day. It's perhaps ironic therefore that we return to our interview with Paul from the beginning of 2016 for this episode of the best of the Virgin Podcast. Like many, Paul observed the spiritual subtexts to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy classic, and he’s used the lessons learnt by Murray’s character Phil Connors to help change his own attitude, behaviour and outlook on life. The secret? Small, positive changes each and every day. “When we wake up, we can improve the quality of our day,” says Paul. “We can create an exciting day or a dull day. We can hide away from the world or engage with it. We’ve got that choice” Have a listen and see what you think.

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