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August marks the release of our 16th annual photo issue. This year, for our Idols Issue, we paired 16 up-and-coming photographers with the veterans who inspired them, creating unique conversations between generations of talent. Here’s our table of contents: - Throughout the episode, we hear from four young photographers in the issue on the artists who inspire them: Tommy Kha on William Eggleston; Tasneem Alsultan on Maggie Steber; Maria Gruzdeva on Mark Power; and Jonathan Gardenhire on Leslie Hewitt. - Photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom discusses our dual covers, describes why we chose the concept of “idols” as this year’s theme, and recalls a photography mentor of her own. - Logan Jackson and his idol Roe Ethridge talk about re-contextualizing editorial work into art and about the beauty of getting it “exactly wrong” in photography. - Olivia Bee talks to her idol, Doug DuBois, about the importance of honesty in photography, from how a picture is made to how it’s used.  

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