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Donald Dugger

43-year-old Donald Dugger was last seen in Warroad, Minnesota in the early morning hours of August 11th, 2012. Don was a trucker and had just returned to his place of employment to return the semi he was driving. His plan was to then drive his car back home. Don called his sister and explained that there were people outside of his truck and that he was concerned. She heard Donnie ask “what do you want? I am trying to cooperate.” He then told her that he was going to call 911, which he did. Police responded to the scene but the people Don had seen weren’t there. They left after speaking with Don and later returned to see him loading his personal belongings into his car from the semi. That is the last time anyone saw Donald Dugger. His car was later found abandoned on an ATV trail inside Beltrami Island State Forest.

Over six and a half years later, Donald Dugger is still missing and his case remains unsolved.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Donald Dugger, please contact the Roseau County Sheriff's Office at 218-463-1421.

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