Episode: Keeping White Power at the Polls

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Keeping White Power at the Polls

The United States of Anxiety presents: What Next

"One person, one vote" has not always been a given in America. After the Civil War, there was some debate over who should be counted in a congressional district: every person, or every person eligible to vote? The 14th Amendment aimed to settle this question forever, but as the demographics of our country have shifted and changed over the course of our nation's history, so too have the politics of how we count the people who live within our borders. This week, our friends at Slate's What Next podcast team up with reporter Ari Berman to tell a story about how the Trump Administration has revived the debate, and the GOP's quiet plan to redefine political representation and maintain white minority rule in America.

- Mary Harris is host of What Next. Hear the original version of this story here.

- Ari Berman is author of Give Us the Ballot. Read his original reporting on this issue at Mother Jones.

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