Episode: #315: Lessons Learned Traveling The World

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#315: Lessons Learned Traveling The World

This episode explores travel, and I'll take the partial credit or blame in advance, as it might want to make you quit your job and head off to the airport with a backpack.

I have interviewed some fascinating people from around the world and in the next hour we will actually travel around the world with them. We'll also explore specific tips and strategies from our conversations related to how they think about travel, how they personally travel, and the role that travel can play in your life. This includes conversations with:

  • Vagabonding author Rolf Potts about seeing the world now rather than waiting until some vague "later" that might never happen.
  • My friend Kevin Rose about hiding tattoos in foreign lands and getting by without knowing the local language.
  • Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race about a life-changing epiphany earned while shipwreck diving.
  • Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly about favorite travel tools and gadgets on our trip through the mountains of Uzbekistan.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour!

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Along the way, Ray took tons of notes on what worked and what didn't work. These were adapted over time for training purposes within his company, and then further refined for the world at large as Principles. In these pages, Ray shares the principles he's developed over the past 40 years to create unique results in life, business, and investing, which any person or organization can adopt to help further their goals and make decisions with clarity of thought and purpose. Visit Principles.com for more details and to pick up a copy for your own shelf!


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