Episode: Season 3: Audio Journey #1- The Role STEM Plays in our Elections: The Technology of Voting

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Season 3: Audio Journey #1- The Role STEM Plays in our Elections: The Technology of Voting

We are back for Season 3!

As the nation heads to polls on Tuesday November 6th, my brother and I discuss the technology behind voting and the elections industry. From websites and mobile apps that provide users with everything from voter registration tutorials to comprehensive breakdowns of the candidates and races on your local ballots; digital technology has enhanced the scope and knowledge of our electorate.

While the modernization of electronic voting machines has helped to enhance the efficiency of the voting process in many areas, the security of these voting systems has become a critical issue facing democracies around the world. We touch on these points and more in this special Election Day season premier.

Dominion Voting: https://www.dominionvoting.com/ 

How technology helps people get more information about candidates: https://www.naplesnews.com/story/news/columnists/brent-batten/2018/10/30/brent-batten-time-technology-cut-into-excuses-not-vote/1809617002/

Election Technology Providers Joint Collaboration with Cybersecurity Professionals: https://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2018/08/09/election-tech-providers-join-cybersecurity-group-to-bolster-systems-ahead-of-midterms/ 

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