Episode: Season 2: Audio Journey #8- Technology-Focused Startups and Economic Development- A STEM Conversation Live From Waterfront Lab in Camden, NJ: Part 1

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Season 2: Audio Journey #8- Technology-Focused Startups and Economic Development- A STEM Conversation Live From Waterfront Lab in Camden, NJ: Part 1

We return to close out our second season by bringing you the first installment of a two-part conversation we had taking a look at the role that technology-focused startups, and other STEM related businesses, play in the career readiness training and workforce development of the youth in the communities where these businesses operate. In February of 2018 we had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion that took place in front of a live audience at the offices of the digital design and marketing firm Penji located in the Waterfront Lab Coworking facility in Camden, New Jersey, where a group of non-profit organizations and startup companies are leading efforts to revitalize the city by attracting technology-focused start-ups, and other companies to the city. The panel participants included the founder and CEO of the economic development organization Waterfront Ventures, the Executive Director of the technology training and youth development non-profit organization Hopeworks Camden, as well as two local area youth who have been successful participants in the youth development initiatives these two organizations have been leading.

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Technology and entrepreneurship are two powerful drivers of economic progress. You can look at examples from all over world and see that the cities and urban areas that house a mix of well-established STEM related companies, as well as a vibrant entrepreneurial scene, offer the citizens living in these areas positive economic and vocational opportunities.

A key amenity that attracts both established companies and start-up enterprises to an area, is the access to a strong talent pool that these companies can tap, in order to help grow their businesses. With that being the case, we wanted to explore ways companies can partner with schools, parents, non-profits and other community organizations, in an effort to create systems that help get local youth get prepared to be part of the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that these businesses generate. Take a listen to this insightful and engaging conversation.

Waterfront Lab: https://waterfrontlab.com/

Waterfront Ventures: https://waterfrontventures.co/


Hopeworks Camden: https://hopeworks.org/


Hopeworks Annual Dinner: https://hopeworks.org/ways-to-help/#events


Camden’s Code Day: https://hopeworks.org/2018/09/17/hopeworks-2018-camden-code-day-is-coming/

Will Schrieks: https://hopeworks.org/2018/07/17/will-schrieks-is-diocese-of-camdens-full-time-web-designer/

Sekinah Brodie and Penji: https://www.phillyvoice.com/camden-start-up-looks-to-hire-100-local-students-by-end-of-year/

Camden Waterfront District: http://www.camdenwaterfront.com/

Uber 8-80 Coding: https://www.uber.com/newsroom/8-80-coding/

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