Episode: Season 2: Audio Journey #12- Talking STEM Careers and Star Wars

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Season 2: Audio Journey #12- Talking STEM Careers and Star Wars

Every release of a Star wars film presents an excellent opportunity to engage in some really insightful STEM conversations. The power of Star Wars as a STEM teaching tool comes from examining the technological innovations used to make these movies, and the STEM related careers involved with these innovations. The end credits of a visual effects heavy film like Star Wars are a smorgasbord of STEM terms and careers. These credits are an exciting place to start any STEM career discussion. ILM Logo

My brother and I are big Star Wars fans, and this episode features a brief conversation he and I had last December after going to see Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi. We wanted to share this discussion with you because it serves as an example of the kind of conversation you can use to introduce young people to STEM careers.

The story of how the creators of Star Wars used STEM to advance what is possible in the making of film, is as engaging as the fictional narrative of Star Wars itself.  We cover this and more during our conversation.

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