Episode: Season 2: Audio Journey #11- Crushing Year One of Your Engineering Degree Program and Other Study Skills Strategies for STEM Majors

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Season 2: Audio Journey #11- Crushing Year One of Your Engineering Degree Program and Other Study Skills Strategies for STEM Majors

A college degree in a STEM major is a necessary gateway to many exciting and fulfilling STEM related careers. However, many college students who start on the path of a STEM major, particularly in engineering, end up not completing that degree. One of the reasons for this is that many students enter the first year of STEM programs unprepared for the academic rigors of the curriculum. From the intimidating and impersonal feeling of the 200 plus student lecture hall classes at many large universities, to the academic intensity of courses colloquially known as “weed out” classes; first year STEM students encounter many challenges that can derail them from their ultimate goal. This is why it is extremely important that students pursuing STEM majors have an effective set of study skills and strategies they can implement to overcome these obstacles. Dr. Jones's Book

These academic rigors demand a disciplined and systematic approach to studying and approaching how you go about matriculating through the curriculum. In this episode we speak with the Associate Dean of Students & Strategic Programs for the Villanova University College of Engineering, and author of Seven Secrets of How to Study, Dr. Stephen Jones,  and get his take on useful study skills strategies for 1st year STEM students.

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