Episode: Season 2: Audio Journey #2- THINKing About IBM & STEM Careers

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Season 2: Audio Journey #2- THINKing About IBM & STEM Careers

One of the best ways to add context to the fields of Science Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) is to see how different companies and organizations implement the principles of STEM in practical ways. With that in mind, we will periodically be using this show to briefly profile institutions that engage in STEM related work.

For our first entry into our series of episodes profiling STEM based organizations, we take a brief look at the company IBM. This longtime bellwether of computing technology is still at the forefront of creating new leading-edge tools and services for our increasingly digital world. In this episode we speak with former IBM software developer, Latoya Davis, and learn a little bit of what it is like working inside the hub of innovation that is IBM.

For more information about IBM Check Out:

IBM’s Website: ibm.com

IBM at the US OPEN: https://www.ibm.com/sports/usopen

IBM’s Science and Star Wars:






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