Episode: Set Yourself Up For Success

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Set Yourself Up For Success
NOTHING HAPPENS EASILY. If you want to make real change in your life, you have to know it’s going to be uncomfortable. Everything has its process. You’re going to feel scared. You’re going to have growing pains. That’s part of being a human. But your ability to make mistakes and still stay true to your goals will determine whether or not you make it. You have to take it one step at a time. You have to surround yourself with people who share your belief system. And you have to be honest with yourself. Little by little, your self-confidence will grow, and you’ll be miles away from where you started. For this Five Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Gabrielle Reece where she shared strategies to increase your belief in yourself. Gabby is a world-renowned athlete, New York Times bestselling author, wife, and mother. Together with her husband, surfing legend Laird Hamilton, Gabby is an avid proponent of empowering people to take responsibility for their health and a truly authentic example of healthy living. Gabby has become a role model for women worldwide regarding how to achieve peak fitness, good health, and overall well-being for themselves and their entire family. Gabby says that you need to create the infrastructure around yourself to be successful. Learn how baby steps will help you reach your goals in Episode 837. “When it can be easy, allow it to be easy.” - @GabbyReece In This Episode You Will Learn: How to create an infrastructure around yourself to be successful (1:30) Why baby steps are the most impactful (2:00) Why you have to surround yourself with people who have similar messaging (3:00) How to make a safe space for you to fail (4:50) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/837 amd follow at instagram.com/lewishowes

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