Episode: Cultivate the Right Culture

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Cultivate the Right Culture
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR NARRATIVE. What stories are you telling? The ones you repeat will end up shaping your life. When you’re building a work culture, storytelling is key. They will determine how employees behave. They will shape the narratives they tell themselves about their coworkers. And they will inspire them to work even harder. How can you harness the power of storytelling to create an ideal environment for you and your company? For this Five Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Bryan Johnson where he shared how he used town hall meetings, stories, and unconventional hiring methods to make his ideal work culture. Bryan Johnson is the founder of Kernel, OS Fund and Braintree. In 2013, he sold Braintree to Paypal for $800 million. Bryan set a high standard for his employees that let them know they had to be at the top of their game at all times. Learn how to build an amazing work culture on Episode 831. In This Episode You Will Learn: How to communicate your vision to your team (02:30) The interesting job ad Bryan placed to find employees (2:45) Why Bryan used Town Hall meetings at work (04:00) How storytelling is key for the culture you want to build (5:15) If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/831

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