Episode: The Pen Addict 376: The Best Worst Case Scenario

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The Pen Addict 376: The Best Worst Case Scenario

Brad and Myke are joined once again by Adina Hurley, this time to discuss the aftermath - and damage to the bank account - of the San Francisco Pen Show.

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Guest Starring:

Adina Hurley

Links and Show Notes:

Relay FM Family Feud - YouTube
Moonman M2 Transparent Demonstrator Eyedropper Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict
FrankUnderwater – Uncapping the Wild East
“The Theme System Journal” – Cortex Merch
Myke's Sticker Removal
Relay FM Podcastathon for St. Jude - Twitch
Wingback Mechanical Pen Review — The Pen Addict
A custom mechanical pen that will last a lifetime by Alasdair MacLaine — Kickstarter
Opus Cineris: Goldsmith, Artist, and Nib Specialist
Anabelle Sophie Hiller (@stringsandpedals) • Instagram photos and videos
Nib Specialist – Opus Cineris: Goldsmith, Artist, and Nib Specialist
Retro 51 Typewriter Rollerball Pens - Pen Chalet
The Nibsmith – Fountain Pen Nib Repair and Customization
Robert Oster Shake & Shimmer Rose Gilt Tynte – Vanness
Kahakai Fountain Pen - Kanilea Pen Co.
Robert Oster Turquoise – Vanness
Kohala Sunset Fountain Pen - Kanilea Pen Co.
Platinum Celluloid Cherry Blossom | Nibs
J Herbin Corail des Tropiques – Vanness
Monteverde Sweet Life – Vanness
Monteverde Gemstone Erinite – Vanness
Bungubox Watermelon TWSBI
Leigh Reyes (@leighpod) • Instagram photos and videos
Adina Neamtu-Hurley (@adinahurley) • Instagram photos and videos
PenAddict - Twitch
SF Pen Show Stories – Adina Hurley – Instagram

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