Episode: 109: Once Cantona video, Liam Acoustic Sessions & Blue Moon Rising, with Chris from Stageleft Podcast & Ben Burrell from Absolute Radio

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109: Once Cantona video, Liam Acoustic Sessions & Blue Moon Rising, with Chris from Stageleft Podcast & Ben Burrell from Absolute Radio

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! It has been an amazing week for fans of the Gallaghers, and we cover it all.

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0:00 Liam Intro

0:30 News - Gene in court, Liam quits mid set, Oasis reunion rumours

7:35 Liam Gallagher - Meadow

8:03 Interview with Chris from The Stageleft Podcast @TheStageLeftPod

14:41 Ed Harcourt - She Fell Into My Arms

20:45 Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Wandering Star (Later With Jools Holland)

22:25 Liam Gallagher - Stand By Me  Acoustic Sessions (2020)

27:41  Liam Gallagher - Cast No Shadow (Acoustic)

30:48 Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Blue Moon Rising 

30:58 Stand By Me, Ben E King

37:39 Liam Gallagher - Once - Acoustic Sessions (2020)

38:11 JC intro to interview with Ben Burrell @BenBurrell @LongPlayerPod @bobdylanpodcast

39:44 Oasis - F*ckin' In the Bushes

43:48 Oasis - Go Let It Out

48:14 Oasis - Idler's Dream

53:15 Oasis - Live Forever

1:01:28 Liam Gallagher - Wall Of Glass

1:07:56 Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Alone On The Rope

1:11:26 Oasis - Untitled 2

Competition result! Well done to Simon Hughes, Sean MacLaughlin and Thomas Mohan

1:14:30 Oasis on Australian News

1:16:47 Oasis - Roll With It

1:17:25 JC Ending and Patreon thanks

1:20:20 Oasis - Stay Young

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