Episode: Tech Deserves Cheers & Jeers

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Tech Deserves Cheers & Jeers
Not everything is awesome. Unless you're a LEGO minifigure. Which I am not.

Chris Pirillo
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Chris Pirillo > I Don't Block Cheers

I also don't block call-ins, but the title field of my podcast publishing tool only allows so many characters - so I had to tell you about the other thing I don't block in the description.

Chris Pirillo > Sounds Good

Or does it? You tell me.

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India has the second largest population of any country in the world -- yet it has only 50 decent bookstores, says publisher Chiki Sarkar. So she asked herself: How do we get more people reading books? Find out how Sarkar is tapping into India's smartphone revolution to create a new generation of readers and writers in this fun talk about a fresh kind of storytelling...
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