Episode: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is | Impact Investing 101 with Stacey Lindsay

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Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is | Impact Investing 101 with Stacey Lindsay

Y’all know the expression put your money where your mouth is… but it’s time to put your money where your HEART is. *You ready?!*

My guest today is Stacy Lindsey, a multimedia journalist writer, media consultant, and speaker. She is the editorial director and cofounder of The Conscious Investor, a weekly digital magazine that uncovers the world of impact investing. 

>>Impact investing is impacting capital with the purpose to do environmental or social good while also getting a financial return.<<

Money can be a taboo word but boo boo, money makes the world go round and it’s time to rethink where you invest it. Let’s make an impact and leave a legacy with it. 

If you want to feel inspired to put your money where your heart is then start listening!

If you loved this episode, I’d love for you to tag @stacylindsay and @jasminestar on Instagram and let us know how you will start impact investing. If you're going to walk this path with us, we want to cheer you on. 

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