Episode: How to Get Rid of Instagram Bots

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How to Get Rid of Instagram Bots

Want to tackle one of the most annoying things on social media? No, I’m not talking about the shameless #wokeuplikethis selfies. I’m talking about bots: fake Instagram accounts that troll your posts and harm your engagement. 

You know the story: You head to your account and get that momentary excitement that your dream customer finally engaged on your story poll or your recent post only to realize it’s from an account with a name consisting of a bunch of numbers and letters who has no followers but seems to be following everyone *ain’t nobody about that!*

Listen up Buttercup, it’s time for some spring cleaning. Grab your broom and mop so you can start connecting with *real* people and get the algorithm gods to look favorably on you. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What exactly bots are 
  • How to identify them
  • Why they might be targeting your account
  • Best practices for removing them 

Click play to watch the likes and comments from real customers and followers start rolling in.

If you'd like more Instagram tips like this one, grab my free Instagram Marketing Guide at jasminestar.com/igmarketingguide!

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