Episode: How to Find Your Dream Customer on Social Media | Social Curator Coaching Session

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How to Find Your Dream Customer on Social Media | Social Curator Coaching Session

If I were to stop you on the street and ask you who your business is for, would you hesitate or would you be able to confidently describe who you cater to?

>>Most business owners I talk to struggle with not knowing who their ideal client is. They try to reach everyone, but by doing that don’t really reach anyone.<<

I get it boo, you’re scared to limit your sales by limiting your audience. Some of my Social Curators felt the same way!But in a recent coaching session I explained to them that creating an ideal client profile helps you serve them well, which leads to an increase in sales. 

In this episode you’ll hear a list of questions to help you build your client profile. By knowing their age, where they live, or where they shop, you can more clearly draw your followers in with a  post that resonates with them, a photo they can relate to, or tutorials to show them how your product or service fits into their lifestyle. 

Buttercup, there’s already an audience out there looking for what you provide. Now let’s help you resonate and connect with them! Click play to begin building your dream customer profile. 

If you’re looking for more tips on marketing and engaging with your ideal audience, Social Curator is the place to be! Head to www.socialcurator.com/resources to get a sneak peek of the inside. 

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