Episode: How I'd Start My Business Today with $5,000 | Social Curator Coaching Session

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How I'd Start My Business Today with $5,000 | Social Curator Coaching Session

I started my business 10+ years ago and here’s a fact boo boo: 2020 is a whoooole new ballgame. Social Media was practically nonexistent when I entered the photography world, and there are so many more ways you could spend your start-up finances today

In this episode, you are about to hear what I would do if I had to start my business today with just $5,000, along with some other incredible questions asked in a coaching session I had with a few Social Curator members.

I love these sessions because I get fired up, excited for the future and the small changes these business owners could make that will lead to BIG results.

Click play to start finding YOUR results!

If you're interested in getting a glimpse into what our members receive on the inside of a Social Curator(like this group coaching session), enjoy FREE social media caption templates, lifestyle photos, story templates, an action plan and a sneak peek into the Social Curator membership by visiting, https//www.socialcurator.com/sneakpeek

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