Episode: How Being Bullied in Elementary School Affects My Business Today

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How Being Bullied in Elementary School Affects My Business Today

Do you ever wonder how much your past affects who you are today? 

Growing up I was an overweight child of an immigrant, living on government assistance who couldn’t read. You better believe that invited all the neighborhood kids to make fun of me. *I was such an easy target.* 

But you know what? I am stronger because of it. I did everything I could to prove them wrong and find confidence in what I do.

Here’s the thing: people are ALWAYS going to have an opinion about you. But only YOU can give them the power to let it get to you. 

>>Don’t let what other people say about you keep you from moving forward.<<  

It’s a process, boo, but it’s one that we are in together. Click play to hear more from the conversation I have with Zack Kravitz about how being bullied affected my business and learn how you can approach your own haters. 

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