Episode: The Wide Spectrum of Autism

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The Wide Spectrum of Autism
the-spectrum-of-autismIn a recent interview, comedian Jerry Seinfeld said he realizes he falls on the "spectrum" of Autism.In a recent interview, comedian Jerry Seinfeld said he realizes he falls on the "spectrum" of Autism.

You might be thinking, "Really? That seems impossible... especially given his talent and great success!"

So, what really defines the "spectrum" and does it include all human behavior characteristics? There is not just one type of autism, and the causes range from genetics to predisposition to the disease and environmental stressors.

These are just a few reasons why the autism spectrum is such a wide one. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every 68 people falls on the spectrum of autism. In 2012, this increased by 30 percent.

Another shocking statistic is that autism's occurrence is highest in New Jersey, with one out of every 45 people falling within the spectrum.

As the statistics grow day by day, researchers are desperately trying to find the main cause for this incurable disease.

Awareness is also important, and with Jerry Seinfeld's revelation, it only helps to bring attention to the condition.

Dr. Michael Cameron joins The Healthy Skeptic to discuss exactly what falling on the spectrum means, as well as the varying degrees and symptoms of autism.
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