Episode: Recognizing Autism in Children

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Recognizing Autism in Children
the-spectrum-of-autismOne in 68 kids have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Would you recognize the symptoms?If you were a mother or father with a child who had autism or another type of condition on the autism spectrum, would you recognize the symptoms?

Dr. Michael Cameron has been researching and treating this disease for many years and admits that he has seen many parents ignore the signs and symptoms. Typically a mom or dad will notice some of the symptoms associated with autism such as non-sensitivity or not making eye contact, but will put themselves in a state of denial. 

Some children with autism go undiagnosed because the parents -- and even the doctors -- do not have the proper educational background and assume the child is suffering from a simple case of slowed development. 

If you suspect there may be a possibility that your child is suffering from autism, visit your local children's hospital so the proper testing can be done.

Where do you go from there?

Dr. Cameron explains that although there is not a cure for autism, children can be treated and both they and their families can lead normal, healthy lives.

Listen in for more information on autism, as well as why it's important to put yourself on alert early in your child's development.
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