Episode: Need More Energy? Fix Your Breakfast

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Need More Energy? Fix Your Breakfast
whats-for-breakfastAre you out of energy by 10 a.m.? You may think you're eating a healthy breakfast; but the truth is, most of us aren't.If you find yourself wanting to crash at your desk by 10 a.m., it could be that you just aren't' eating the right breakfast.

Dr. Larry Kaskel, host of The Healthy Skeptic explains you simply aren't going to find a healthy breakfast that will keep you energized and full in any box. That includes oatmeal as well. 


Because you need lots and lots of protein. If you see carbohydrates in what you are eating for breakfast, put it down! Did you know that the human body requires ZERO carbohydrates and whatever you've been told for the last 40-50 years about eating low fat is just not true. As a society, we are more obese now more than ever, and it's because we eat too many carbs. 

So what should you eat? Once you toss out the cereal, muffins and bagels, what is left? Yogurt perhaps? No. Yogurt contains anywhere between 20-25 carbs per serving. Consider this, four grams of carbs is equal to two teaspoons of sugar. So, in a container of yogurt, you are consuming at the minimum 10 teaspoons of sugar. WOW. Sounds more like dessert than breakfast.

No yogurt, no oatmeal... what's left? You can always eat eggs. They are very high in protein, and many people can eat 9-10 eggs and not see even a bump in cholesterol. But remember this... be sure you choose eggs that are "free range" or do not eat them.

Of course, you can can go with something a little bit different but a lot good for you.

For instance, Dr. Kaskel eats something called Pemmican on a daily basis. This breakfast is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein (i.e. cow, moose, elk and bison). Basically it is 50/50 fat and protein with a touch of carbs from cranberries for a little bit of taste.

Dr. Kaskel warns this won't be very delicious but very, very good for good you.

Remember that overall, when eating breakfast you want the two F's: Fuel and Full!
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