Episode: Gut Bacteria: You've Got the Microbes on Your Side

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Gut Bacteria: You've Got the Microbes on Your Side
gut-bacteria-we-ve-got-the-microbiomes-on-our-sideDid you know that there is a such thing as "good bacteria," and without them, you can develop some major health issues?Did you know that there is a such thing as "good bacteria," and without them, you can develop some major health issues?

Dr. Kellman, founder of The Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine, explains that in your gut lives a community of trillions of small bacteria called microbiomes.

These microbiomes are what are known as "friendly bacteria" and can ward off illnesses of both a physical and mental nature. If your microbiome as a whole is unhealthy, than you are much more susceptible to depression, anxiety and other health-related issues.

In fact, taking care of your microbiome can actually help improve your mood and brain function. 

There is a new -- and somewhat controversial -- method available, developed by doctors to improve an ill patient's gut health, called the "poop pill." This pill is comprised of a healthy person's feces and used to treat a patient who does not have "good bacteria;" or, as we now know them to be microbiomes.

When asked by The Healthy Skeptic what his take was on the new controversial poop pill for a better microbiome, Dr. Kellman commented, "This is a mistake."

He explaied that the microbiome has been evolving for trillions of years, and messing with it, or doing something as experimental as the poop pill, could be very detrimental. You should focus on making your gut healthy and not try to manipulate it.

So, how can you do just that?

Eat gut-friendly foods such as garlic, onions, radishes, and artichokes, and you will feel a significant difference. If you treat your body with good nutrients and follow a healthy lifestyle, the microbiomes will ward off sickness. If you think you may not be eating the right foods, just trust your gut; it will let you know.
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